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Several Search Engine Professional Organizations have started to become mainstream in the SEM/SEO industry. There are many individuals who are still skeptical of these organizations. I however am not.

SEMPO is one of the first full supported SEM organizations today. They have a large member base and some major supporters. I covered SEMPO's First Official Meeting in this blog this past December. I am a proud member of SEMPO.

SEO Consultants is an other organization that provides one of the most exclusive but free directories of SEM/SEO firms. They have strict guidelines to enter, some say too strict, but nevertheless they are a organization in our industry. I am also a proud member of SEO Consultants.

SEOPros is an other organization that caught my attention. As opposed to SEMPO that is more focused on awareness, SEOPros provides certification and training. They offer many of the services SEO Consultants provides but adds to it the certification, training and objective views. Check out their certification section at

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