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I found it quite interesting today about reading the below article in, that the web analytics firm, decided to release information about the nature of keywords in which most people use to search. While I wasn't surprised in the least bit that two word phrases took the cake, does anyone think this news was a day late and a dollar short. If you are active in optimizing for two word phrases you know its where they most competitive sites are battling for those number one positions, and if you can't make it in the top 10 for a two word phrases, then you will most likely go after another two word phrases or better yet start to target some 3-4 word phrases, which work wonders when completely optimized on sub-pages. I believe this has been observable methods for some time that parallels with how users search to begin with, we are always looking for the best way to search and capitalize on those searches. The engines can shape this, but if we are really looking for something we will do deeper into the rift. So does the increase in three word phrase searching mean there is just too much information presented in two word searches to allow us to find what we really need? reported three-word searches rose by 1.3 percent, while one-word searches decreased 5.7 percent.

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