Early Retirement

Jan 6, 2004 • 1:18 pm | comments (0) by | Filed Under Blog Administration

Call it an "early retirement", or the fact that I'm a Gemini and we're impossible to understand, but as quickly as I nosedived into this new blog as a regular contributor, I'm going to now take a backseat and let Bridget (aka "Dragonlady7") continue to feed you breathtaking threads from Cre8asiteForums. She's one of our busy Moderators there and the present SEO Copywriter contributor here.

I, meanwhile, will be buried up to my eyeballs with usability research and submitting posts here as a Guest Contributor when I find things I just know will fascinate you about the field. I always keep an eye out for nifty usability improvements that also enhance search engine optimization.

Things like instead of placing a drop-down menu of 10 or less items with vague one word labels, create a box with text links instead, using the same label, but with an added text description that describes for your visitor what they'll find, or what they can do, when they click on that link. The description and text link are great for SEO (especially if you hyperlink the entire description) and your website visitor will be more inclined to not only click on the link, but stay on your website because they feel confident in where you're taking them or what you want to present.

I'll be back with more ideas, and usability oriented website links, to keep you interested in what I do and how I can make you get rich quick. Just kidding, of course. We all know you can't put up a website and earn millions of dollars in 15 minutes, right? (It takes a bit longer for Google to find the site and THEN you'll rake in the big bucks.) Heh heh.

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