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Smart Page - Spam still alive

Dec 30, 2003 • 10:08 pm | comments (1) by | Filed Under Search & Web SEO Spam

Someone contacted me today to ask me why they had been kicked out of Google, A quick investigation revealed a link that simply redirected back to the page, using -script language="JavaScript"> - window.location.replace('http://www.domain.com'); //---

-script> I asked for the source code of the actual page and was sent a complete BS spam page called a "Smart page" If anyone here uses these pages or is thinking about it DONT! This particular person was kicked out of Google and you will be too,

Here is an example of code you should never have on your server (A smart page? Whats so smart about it?)Here is what the page looks like: NEVER DO THIS Google can detect it and you will get banned ! html> head> title>cure yips/title> meta name="description" content="Offers cure yips and improve my golf swing"> meta name="keywords" content="cure yips, improve my golf swing"> /head> body> p>center> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/cure-yips.html">cure yips/a> /center>/p> center> h1>cure yips/h1> br> br> p align="left" content="">Offers cure yips with a product or service that delivers improve my golf swing. Offers a 3 CD set that automatically lets golfers slash their handicaps. Offers cure yips with a product or service that delivers improve my golf swing. br> /p> br> p align="left" content="">!-- cure yips, improve my golf swing --> /p>p align="left" content="">�/p> p align="left" content="">br> img width="32" height="32" src="lower-handicap.jpg" alt="improve swing"> img width="32" height="32" src="improve-swing.jpg" alt="mental golf"> img width="32" height="32" src="mental-golf.jpg" alt="lower handicap"> img width="32" height="32" src="improve-golf-swing.jpg" alt="golf gift"> img width="32" height="32" src="golf-gift.jpg" alt="better golf swing"> img width="32" height="32" src="cure-yips.jpg" alt="improve my golf swing"> img width="32" height="32" src="fix-golf-swing.jpg" alt="golf hypnosis"> img width="32" height="32" src="improve-my-golf-swing.jpg" alt="fix golf swing"> img width="32" height="32" src="golf-hypnosis.jpg" alt="cure yips"> img width="32" height="32" src="better-golf-swing.jpg" alt="improve golf swing"> p align="left">�/p> p align="left"> br> br> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/lower-handicap.html">lower handicap/a> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/mental-golf.html">mental golf/a>br> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/improve-swing.html">improve swing/a>br> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/golf-hypnosis.html">golf hypnosis/a>br> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/better-golf-swing.html">better golf swing/a>br> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/improve-golf-swing.html">improve golf swing/a>br> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/fix-golf-swing.html">fix golf swing/a>br> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/golf-gift.html">golf gift/a>br> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/improve-my-golf-swing.html">improve my golf swing/a>br> a href="http://www.domain.com/cure_yips/cure-yips.html">cure yips/a>br> /p> p align="left">br> /p> h1>improve my golf swing/h1> p align="left"> This is simply amazing. Offers cure yips with a product or service that delivers improve my golf swing . Reveals the secrets of the PGA pros and how they play the best golf of their lives. Offers cure yips with a product or service that delivers improve my golf swing . You will want to find out more information. /p> /center> script language="JavaScript"> !-- window.location.replace('http://www.domain.com'); //--> /script> /body>/html>

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