Google May Or May Not Use EXIF Data For Ranking Images

Feb 25, 2014 • 8:12 am (5) | by

Typically when Matt Cutts of Google posts a video, there is a yes or no, or he is leaning strongly one way or another in his answer. But this time, I am honestly confuses.

Matt posted a video on the question "Does Google use EXIF data from pictures as a ranking factor?" Yes or No? The answer he gave was that they reserve the right to use EXIF data in image search rankings. But do they? I don't know.

Listen to his answer:

Was that a yes or no? Was it a depends? Was it, they don't now but they may in the future? I am honestly not sure.

What is your take?

In Google+, some think yes and some think of course they do. But why such a wishy washy answer?

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