Most SEOs Dislike Yahoo's New Home Page

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Yahoo Home Page Poll ResultsAbout a month ago, Yahoo launched the their new design and we decided to poll our audience asking if they liked the new design or not.

We had over 500 responses and the overwhelming majority of you guys disliked it.

First here is the before and after:

Yahoo New Home Page

Existing Yahoo Home Page - click for full size

  • 80% said they do not like the new Yahoo home page design
  • 12% said they do like it
  • 8% said they simply do not care

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Sam Dogen

03/27/2013 01:59 pm



03/27/2013 04:16 pm

What don't SEOs like about it? Did they say anything in the comments that's worth summarizing?

Takeshi Young

03/27/2013 07:00 pm

People don't like change. The new design is still crowded, but it's an improvement with a more modern look.

Jawad Latif

03/28/2013 09:30 am

How can you say that votes were cast by SEOs as post title is 'Most SEOs Dislike Yahoo's New Home Page'?


03/28/2013 11:37 am

As said below, people don't like change, just as people are prob going to moan about the upcoming FB feed layout as well. Also would like to know what SEOs specifically don't like about it.Can anybody on here please enlighten us as to what they don't like? And on a sidenote, I think Yahoo should rather focus on maybe getting feedback as to what they can fix to improve UX and overall user-experience, rather than changing the homepage every couple of months.Because let's face it at this rate they are derailing at a very fast speed.At the end of the day you are designing for the user and not for yourself.


03/28/2013 06:33 pm

It is known that - every change faces some resistance, but things evolve this way. The new Yahoo! homepage was rolled out in phases, and probably after all required user studies. What I really like about the new design is - that I can customize the page according to my taste - Be it the apps, or the topics around which I expect the feeds. Reading this post that states that SEOs disliked this page, without any concrete reasons - sounds joke to me.


03/30/2013 09:31 pm

I figure that since Yahoo keeps changing my home page without my permission/input....they don't need my business that badly afterall. You don't keep forcing a customer to take a product that they don't like, don't want and indeed never wanted in the first place, and then expect them to stay a customer. Oh and BTW changing the way that I sign in and having me do it through a separate company...just lost my business !

Soni Sharma

04/01/2013 05:08 am

Yahoo's New Home page really cool. I like it very much I am a SEO... It is more user friendly and attractive too.

johnie underwood

04/20/2013 01:02 am

Please return to the old home page. The way you setup the search is horrible. Can not see what you type in the search window.


04/26/2013 01:17 am

Hate the new home page. The font size is to big and I can't adjust it for starters. I just stopped using Yahoo for everything. You should give people the CHOICE of using the new home page or not. Bye bye Yahoo.

Rafael Luik

05/20/2013 01:25 pm

You say like other sites don't do this...

Rafael Luik

05/20/2013 01:27 pm

I know: SEOs don't like the page because it's booming with content for users to click so they won't be using the search engine more than before to end up getting to their pages (that get them jobs). Of course a SEO dream would be a homepage with just a search field for the web so they can profit with their work!


06/18/2013 07:27 pm

I don't like the looks but I'm much more concerned about function. Everything is HIDDEN! So it takes up HOURS of my time t try to learn all the secret handshakes. To try to do spell check yahoo help tells me that if I cant see the task bar I must be in plain text. The it tells me to switch to rich text or whater, jus tclick the double arrows to the ruight of the subject. BUT THERE ARE NO DOUBLE ARROWS to the right of the subject!!!!!!!!!


06/18/2013 07:29 pm

User-friendly? This is sarcasm, right?

Yaw Ansong

07/17/2013 12:24 pm

Exactly. I can't understand all the hate. This is the best redesign ever!


08/19/2013 01:04 pm

I accepted the Homepage change and the mail change. But when they "Upgraded" my yahoo mail and deleted all of the old e-mail addresses that I didn't use WITHOUT my permission. Thats it I'm done no more Yahoo for me.


08/19/2013 01:12 pm

You obviously work for them.


08/28/2013 04:31 am

The never ending stream of nonsense links is by far the worst change of many. You click on one article about the Nintendo wii and you'll be reading about it on a daily basis for eternity. Most of the links provided are complete junk sites/ reposting ap articles verbatim. And for the love of god WHY does every story come with an unnecessary video? I don't need someone to read the story back to me. Open to suggestions on an improved home page.

Ocean View

10/15/2013 06:58 pm

It is because it will make Yahoo more money. When money is involved, and a lot of it, do not expect that even if 98% of the populous hate the new format, that it will entice Yahoo to abandon THEIR corporate profit mission. Yahoo has NEVER reverted back to any former version of area of their applications.


10/19/2013 12:34 am

I have had it!!! ... first- the idiots who created the fiasco with firefox becoming the world's worst browser in the world with v24.whatever!, bypassing microsoft IE by leaps and bounds, don't get it!. So now, yahoo decides to revamp their homepage! .... to "make It better" with a new and "improved" version. NOT! NOT! NOT!!! It is so ugly!!! So I switched to iGoogle (not that it's any better than Yahoo, but tolerable) for a home page. What do these idiots do- they're cancelling it! So what's left? Not a whole lot from what I have found- just the same ol' cluster you-know-what. Does anybody out there with half a sense of good design know-how to design a better and outstanding homepage site? My god! ... their is fantastic talent out there that can blow the socks off Yahoo past and present, google, and some of the other rinky-dink replacements I've managed to find that are even worse! It amazes me that those with 6-figure incomes employed at these creations, are producing this crap! ... when the best talent out there, for have the wage- can do a far better and outstanding job. Please !... something has got to change. I can't stand going online any more. Please give the world something extraordinary and innovative! Please kill (fire) the culture of mediocrity!


11/19/2013 08:19 pm

I hate the new Yahoo homepage its crap


01/17/2014 05:59 am

All of a sudden without warning the new Yahoo Canada homepage showed up on my screen today. I hate it, hate it, hate it!!!! What is wrong with Yahoo, first they screw up Yahoo Mail and now this!!!!! If it ain't broke Yahoo, don't fix it! Awful colours - too hard on the eyes. A lot more cluttered than the old page - going cross eyed trying to find anything. No way to add comments or feedback. And we're being told that we just don't like change??? Between Microsoft screwing up Hotmail, Facebook changing their format every couple of months and now Yahoo with this mess, I'm ready to ditch my computer and go back to watching TV!!!


01/22/2014 01:15 pm

Hate the new email format and now a home page that assaults my eyes and wastes my time. I've been considering a switch and now I think I must -- what a pain to go through the process (thanks a lot), but breakups are necessary every now and then; in this case, it's not me, it's you. You don't listen to your customers.


02/02/2014 02:21 am

Yes, new design sucks. I had customized the old one so everything was in a place where I wanted it and it was easy to read in terms of display, font size color and background colors. Can only change themes can't adjust individual box colors nor font colors. Also, i used to be able to click on a heading such as my email and open it in a new browser tab. Can't do that anymore. The work around is to open a new tab and have the email book marked. WHY??? Yahoo is trying to keep us on their home page looking at their stupid bar trying to direct us to Flicker and the like. Most annoying, especially since I pay for business email.


02/07/2014 04:00 pm

What do you expect from the new CEO who's an Obama contributor. Just like the healthcare website.


02/10/2014 01:25 pm

I have had myyahoo for over 15 years and have been through several changes and I have never had a problem - until now. The page and calendar and weather does not update on its own so I have to reload the page constantly. The calendar is terrible compared to what it used to look like, before I could see my whole week at a glance, now you just see a month with dots on the days you have appointments. AND the stupid thing changes the information and times that you have entered randomly! So now I can't even rely on the calendar and that was my main reason for having it up all day every day. I think if 80% of the users hate it they should start listening and bring back the functionality.


02/15/2014 01:21 am

Sorry Takeshi you are both right and slightly uninformed. Yahoo it seems does not have single VISION scientist on staff, because If they did, they would realize that forcing ALL users to see ONLY light CYAN BLUE link font for all clickable titles is VERY visually DIFFICULT to focus on for a larger percentage of the user base than they wish to admit, or are capable of admitting. Bad science. Bad practice. Poor multidisciplinary process led to this. This is basic human vision science they are ignoring to their own peril. After 13 years if they do not correct this in a couple months by offering FONT color control, they lose me and plenty of others. Marissa what are you thinking??? I thought you came from Google, where hard science and quantitative data rule decision making. That said, I think the new design is actually wonderful and fantastic in almost ALL respects as far as theme choices and so forth, with the serious EXCEPTION of any legibility science being applied as relates to font color control. I just cannot read this color very easily at all and I do not have any color blindness but I am over 50. Please Yahoo, please... it is called User Interface Science, not User Interface graphic artist design opinion that matters. But as USUAL with the big 5 players (Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo) they will only even start to listen if it starts to become a PR disaster, otherwise they are more than happy to ignore feedback because they think they are so smart. NOT!!!!


03/08/2014 04:16 pm

When they changed to the new I started using the and now March 28, 2014 they are killing that one too. Time to stop using yahoo altogether. I liked the weather alert notifications which are not on the new one


04/11/2014 03:21 am

How about polling Yahoo users now that it has been forced down everyone's throats. I would guess by reading (as of 4/10/14) their "feedback" links that 99% or more hate the new format.


04/27/2014 08:54 pm



04/27/2014 08:54 pm

I too went to the Canadian one now stuck with this crap!


04/27/2014 08:57 pm


Scott Bird

05/15/2014 01:27 am

New Yahoo is a massive fail. Still can not customize my page. Yahoo still can not detect my location. I have tried every freaking thing , but nothing works. The failure of Yahoo to allow me to customize my page and the even bigger epic fail of Yahoo mail has lead me to leave Yahoo. Used to be a loyal more. Oh, Yahoo "help" is a joke. Goodbye Yahoo, your new CEO destroyed a very good thing.

Scott Bird

05/15/2014 01:32 am

Soni are you brain dead? Or do you lack any comparative context? Compare the New home page to the how users could alter the pages to suite their needs. Can you really say new yahoo is better?

Soni Sharma

05/15/2014 04:30 am

Hi Scott, I understand what your concern is. But it is really good for reading news and stories. And after a long time I have seen some good changes at Yahoo. It is my personal opinion.

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