TripAdvisor Blocking Google Places From Indexing Reviews

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TripAdvisorYesterday we reported there was a problem with TripAdvisor reviews showing in Google Places, and said Google promised to fix the issue.

We were informed later that TripAdvisor is actually intentionally blocking Google from crawling and indexing their reviews. reports that TripAdvisor is doing this intentionally. said:

TripAdvisor confirmed the move today in an email, stating that while it continues to evaluate recent changes to Google Places it believes the user does not benefit with the “experience of selecting the right hotel”.

“As a result, we have currently limited TripAdvisor content available on those pages,” an official says.

Wow! Good for them!

Later on, Google confirmed the issue with Tnooz but didn't say they were being blocked intentionally. All they told them was:

We’re aware of a technical issue in which TripAdvisor reviews are sometimes not appearing in results for Google Places, and our team is working to resolve the matter. We are not currently requiring review verification, and you can find our review policies and guidelines here.

So which is it? Is it Google being blocked or a technical issue. Seems like Google is being blocked intentionally, which means technically Google has an issue accessing those reviews.

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Phil in West France

12/10/2010 10:32 am

I don't see how either party benefits from this. They'll come to a settlement eventually.


12/10/2010 10:33 am

TripAdvisor’s move is because Google Places now aggregates reviews from many sources, so why would anyone would go to TripAdvisor to read reviews if the info is already there on Google Places. The flipside is that if TA does not feature in Google Places, which are all the more more prominent in SERPs since the recent revision and promotion of Maps in Google searches, then TA is going to lose a heck of a lot of click-through traffic. This spat is benefiting neither TA nor Google, as I pointed out elsewhere. Phil

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