JFK Security Bins With Yahoo Ads

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JFK Security Bins With Yahoo Ads

Danny Sullivan, a couple weeks ago went through JFK airport. Yea, I know, I feel bad for him. But he did spot something interesting on the search side. Ads from Yahoo directly in the security belt bins, the place you put your shoes, belt, etc when you walk through security.

The ad reads:

Yahoo gets more traffic in a day than JFK in a year.

It is followed by Yahoo! Advertising and more details.

Danny also posted pictures of Yahoo ads at the security line at JFK.

Danny posted this on Twitter.

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Jessica Frate

05/08/2014 05:19 pm



05/08/2014 05:23 pm

i wonder if he was being tracked or targeted... probably not, but why would your typical consumer care? the percentage of advertisers compared to typical consumers is extremely minimal so the ads are tailored to him imo, both the security line photo and this one. seems like the space would be better used for b2c not targeting advertisers, kind of a waste of space and money. retinal targeting like some futuristic movie is far fetched but maybe its closer than we think lol.

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