The Tesla April Fools Prank On Google's Brin Car

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Tesla Pink Bat Car - Google Prank

Nathan Johns from Google posted a picture of a Tesla Model S that is all pink, has a bat sign on it, has wings and claws and even has a Chrome logo in the tire covers. This was Google's co-founders, Sergey Brin, car on Monday - April Fools Day.

Supposedly the Google executives played a prank on him and outfitted his Tesla to look like this as a joke.

What a joke!

Nathan Johns posted this on Google+ and linked to the thread explaining this.

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04/07/2013 04:33 pm

Looks like a Mary Kay car on PCP.


04/07/2013 05:12 pm

The 0.01%sers at google. Cant solve the affordable living problem SFBAY or make public schools in the area better, but they can spy on you, work with a police state and play pranks. Cool dudes.

James Woodman

04/07/2013 07:14 pm

Someone sounds bitter... so I ask, what are you doing about it?


04/08/2013 12:39 am

AHAHAHA! Those computer dorks are so rich and the rest of us can't find jobs! AHHAHAHA!

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