A Fake Google Store

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Middle East Google Store

We know Google has a Google Store in at their headquarters in the GooglePlex. We know they are thinking of adding one also to their Dublin office. But a random Google store somewhere in the Middle East?

This Google Store seems to not just sell Google Lava Lamps but instead, they sell fruits and vegetables.

I found this picture on ffffound.com. I am not sure exactly where in the world it was taken but it seems like somewhere in the middle east.

I assume this is not an approved and sanctioned Google Store. :)

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02/14/2012 01:19 pm

It can also be a photoshop trick. 


02/14/2012 07:37 pm

is this violation  to google's copyright?

M. Ali

02/14/2012 09:48 pm

I believe this photo is real , one of my friends took  another shot of  the same store , i'll try to find it . and yes its in the middle east  


02/15/2012 05:19 pm

there is one more store mostly a trailer in India too but they are selling Tea and its in village so you can imagine the condition of that


05/23/2012 06:37 am

Looks like photoshopped or something. Either way, it looks cool haha! Best Kippah

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