Google's Matt Cutts Moustache Progress

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Matt Cutts Moustache For Movember Update

Here is a picture Matt Cutts of Google posted of himself showing off his progress for the Movember contest to raise money for charity. Not bad for about 20 days in.

He is competing against Bing's Duane Forrester and others in the industry all for a good cause.

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11/22/2011 03:15 pm

Nice and easy way for a comparison you've got going there with a clean shaven +1 pic and this new biker stash! Looking mean - hope that scares away some spammers!

Gareth Goddard

11/22/2011 03:50 pm

Thats amazing! I've had loads of fun doing SEO this months for my friends moustache wax ( since they are donating too. Massive spike in moustache interest around this time

Anthony Trollope

11/22/2011 04:33 pm

Awesome horseshoe look Cutts has going on there! Actually wears it pretty well..


11/22/2011 05:18 pm

Very nice thing for charity, steal for millions and give a few dollars back.


11/22/2011 06:19 pm

The Kentucky con-man: distracting you as he and Google rob you blind.

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