Kid Giving Google Chrome CR-48 A Look

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Google Chrome CR-48 First Look

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Andy McIlwain

12/22/2010 04:05 pm

Google needs to give us friendly Canucks some lovin'. It'd be great to try out the new Google OS north of the border.

Barry Schwartz

12/22/2010 04:34 pm

I find it interesting that a parent wanted to capture their kid's first experience using Chrome OS.

Rachel Wente-Chaney

12/23/2010 01:11 am

This is said kid's parent. :) We've definitely been capturing as much as possible. (Disclosure: it's part of my job....) So far, they're thrilled:

Barry Schwartz

12/23/2010 01:17 am

That is great! Thank you!

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