How Google Does Construction - Pipes Through Offices

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Pipes Running Through Google's Seattle Office

Joe Beda, a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google, posted a picture of unusual construction taking place at the Google Seattle office the other day. You can see this pipe, duct work, going right through the middle of an office space into the floor above and below.

Joe said, "Construction in the Seattle Google office or worst fireman's pole ever?"

It is funny but very weird.

He posted the picture on Google+.

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David Matson

10/15/2013 12:11 pm

Someone on a lower floor got a woodburning stove installed in their cube? Sounds cozy.


10/15/2013 12:42 pm

Old stuffy corporation install their ductwork as out-of-the-way as possible...but not at Google...we are wacky, our duct work goes through the middle of the floor. Grab your wacky sun glasses and check out our new wacky ductwork.


10/15/2013 06:17 pm

They have exposed concrete and ducts anyway. I guess they are just saving money by not building walls around it.

Jim Christian

10/15/2013 10:46 pm

Dude... it's the exhaust pipe for the coffee roaster downstairs... Seattle office was a dead giveaway.


10/17/2013 03:56 am

Can't Google use codes to construct "pipeless " connections and "pillar-less" offices so that Google's office spaces do not have to be littered with pipes and pillars

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