Looking At Matt Cutts Laptop Screen

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Google's Matt Cutts Computer Screen

Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts, shared a photo of him reading Reddit on his laptop while listening to the co-founder of Reddit give a talk. SEOs would pay big bucks to see what is on Matt's laptop. The tools he uses to find and squash spam, the bookmarks his has on his browser and so forth.

This may be the best shot we've seen of his laptop screen yet.

It obviously just shows Reddit in his browser and everything else, i.e. the bookmarks, seems blurred out and you really see nothing valuable here.

Can you make anything out from this picture?

Matt himself shared this on Google+.

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Gaurav Srivastava

10/18/2013 12:20 pm

Barry, have you blurred it?

Barry Schwartz

10/18/2013 12:21 pm

I didn't

Gaurav Srivastava

10/18/2013 12:22 pm

hahaha :)


10/18/2013 01:02 pm

Hmm, I expected more cats.


10/18/2013 02:14 pm

Cutts should stop wasting time on Reddit and start making Google more fair and balanced for all websites.


10/18/2013 03:09 pm

He actually didn't blurr it , just using a low quality android phone.

Dr. Pete

10/18/2013 03:23 pm

There's a Fry from Futurama "Shut up and take my money!" meme on the screen, so that narrows it down to just 1 of 14 billion Reddit threads. We're THIS close to cracking the algo! EDIT: Whoops, just realized it's a Fry "Not sure if..." meme, more likely. And I call myself a scientist.


10/18/2013 03:25 pm


John Edward Doyle

10/18/2013 03:46 pm

Not sure I'd say low quality, more like focusing on the people in the background making the foreground blurred.


10/18/2013 03:51 pm

Zoom in!

Eric Ward

10/18/2013 03:59 pm

Here comes the Reddit link spam :)


10/18/2013 04:19 pm

He's using Firefox. Oh calm down, I'm just kidding!


10/18/2013 07:35 pm

This is the most exciting photo ever! Way better than the Watergate tapes. Thank you so much for breaking this story!


10/19/2013 05:27 pm

wow, i thinked matt cutts using xrumer, but him spam social networks...


10/19/2013 05:29 pm

or just close google search engine, because everything G doing now only destroying it.


10/20/2013 04:13 am

Matt is proud to showcase himself as the spam fighter, he does not give a wink to show case his spam fighting tools

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