How Googlers Play Ingress

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Google Ingress Suit & Gun

Ever wonder how Googlers play Ingress while at Google? They put on a special orange suit, have a huge special gun and go at it. Googler, Pim van Pelt snapped a picture of Googler +Florian Rohrweck in such a suit with such a gun.

John Mueller added insight into this wardrobe saying "This is how we play #Ingress at Google."

Correction: This is a "portal suit" well, likely just a "portal gun."

Pim posted the image on Google+.

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Pim van Pelt

12/03/2012 01:07 pm

So the picture has come full circle. Just to be clear - this is how we play Portal :-)


12/03/2012 01:22 pm

So this is what they do with our money, instead of creating some decent tech support.

Doc Sheldon

12/03/2012 04:32 pm

"our" money, Eman? Interesting perspective. LOL


12/04/2012 04:09 am

and googlers imagine how them kill all webmasters and small business sites from this gun.


12/04/2012 07:14 pm

If they step out of the Google Complex they're liable to be arrested as an escaped jump suit & weapon? I think they need to re-evaluate the wardrobe. Doesn't the game require travelling all over the place?

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