Google Book That Glows

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Google Glowing Book

We all know that Google is filled with information but did you know they have a book that emanates knowledge through light? Google's Stefan Keuchel uploaded a video showing off this "Google Book."

I made it into an animated GIF but the video is also below. Stefan posted it on Google+ and in German wrote "Google - a book with seven seals? means! I have a look into the Google Book dared :-)" Or something like that...

Truth is, it is a Lumio device branded with Google. Smart.

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Spook SEO

11/23/2013 06:54 pm

The first gif was really funny especially with the expression from the person holding the book. Now, this big-time search engine is already working outside of its usual bounds.It is good news for those who want to stay out of too much exposure.

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