Fun: The Panda Compliant Video

Jun 2, 2011 • 7:45 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

An Australian SEO company named Advia created this pretty funny Google Panda commercial and posted it on YouTube. Here it is:

Funny? Maybe not for those hit by the update but it gets the message across.

Outside of that, are we now going to see SEO companies using the slogan - "Panda Compliant?"

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Michael Martinez

06/02/2011 03:41 pm

The song they use is "True Love Ways" by Buddy Holly.


06/02/2011 04:07 pm

Is that an old Mac that gets destroyed?

Michael Martinez

06/02/2011 05:01 pm

Yeah, I think it's a Mac.  I can't remember anything else that had that look.


06/03/2011 02:05 am

This is ripped off from an Arab Dairy ad (which they themselves supposedly borrowed from somewhere):

Michael Martinez

06/04/2011 05:38 pm

Well, that certainly says something about the originality of their content, doesn't it?  :) It's still a creative approach to promotion.

Robbie Abed

06/06/2011 01:42 am

agreed with andy. total ripoff and not even that funny (their version) Here are all the panda videos.


01/13/2012 12:51 pm

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