YouTube Doesn't Remove Lesbian Sex From L-Word

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YouTube Lesbian Sex From L-WordThe other day, @Thos003 sent me an email showing how YouTube is allowing the ShowTime series, the L-Word, to post videos with scenes of explicit sexual scenes on YouTube without them being removed despite multiple reports and being up for several months on YouTube with over 6 million views.

There are several videos posted from this show, but only one has 6 million views. The screen shot above is a filtered version of one of the two scenes where characters Alice and Dana have sex.

One of the more shocking parts, outside of the video being allowed on YouTube is that the thumbnail that shows up for a YouTube search on Alice and Dana shows breasts outright. It is one of the top videos.

If you want to see the specific episode at your own risk, i.e. NSFW, here it is.

As you can see by YouTube's age rules:

Videos featuring sexually explicit content like real sex acts are not allowed. Other content like nudity and dramatized or implied sexual conduct may be considered sexually suggestive depending on whether or not it is intended or designed to arouse viewers.

Nudity includes exposed or partially covered genitalia, buttocks, or breasts, as well as sheer clothing. Videos featuring individuals in minimal or revealing clothing may also be age-restricted if they're intended to elicit a sexual response.

It goes on to explain more, but clearly this video should not be listed on YouTube and it has been for several months and for over 6 million views and who knows how many reported violations?

Forum discussion at YouTube Help.

Update: At around 4pm EDT today, YouTube added a warning for those who click on the video. Note, the thumbnail still shows nudity on both the search results and the warning page. I blurred out parts of it below:

NSFW YouTube Warning

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Bill Shatner

08/24/2012 12:52 pm

Thanks for tit. I mean tip. I'm going there right now to see what the fuss is about.


08/24/2012 12:53 pm

This article is not worth the space it takes to host it. Fact! Only thing worth doing is congratulations the lad that made the video. Kudos on the 6 million views.

Barry Schwartz

08/24/2012 12:55 pm

If you say so. I waited over a week to post it, hoping Google would take down the video.

Ian Jenkinson

08/24/2012 01:07 pm

Disgusting! Sex on the TV, sex in magazines, the last thing we need is the internet to be littered with porn as well.


08/24/2012 01:10 pm

Do agree with SEOwhat!? Im gtemped to unfollow this chat. Worst article to pop up in my twitter feed was:


08/24/2012 01:11 pm

Do agree with SEOWhat... Tempted to unfollow in twitter... another pointless article:

Sheldon Campbell

08/24/2012 04:29 pm

Don't despair, Barry... folks may be slamming you for this post, but I notice the video is now up to nearly SEVEN million views! LOL

Barry Schwartz

08/24/2012 04:31 pm

I don't care. Writing about search all day can get boring. This spices it up a bit and is still search related. :)


08/24/2012 04:42 pm

I think those sexual video need to be taken out.


08/24/2012 05:45 pm

why not, there are tons of adult videos in youtube already. Just for info, you can add "nsfw" in front of protected youtube link and bypass login/sign up :


08/24/2012 07:38 pm

Glad to see that the video is now at least age restricted. ...Sad to see that it had to come to a post on YouTube forum and finally this blog post to get any attention.


08/24/2012 08:12 pm

Video is now protected. Simply put NSFW in front of this or any other protected url to see it :


08/25/2012 06:09 am

Not sure if serious or sarcastic.

Lois Griffin

08/25/2012 11:05 am

It seems today, that all you see, is violence in movies and sex on... YouTube


08/26/2012 02:54 am

Yawn...the most offensive thing about this video was the stock background music they used. Circa really bad 70's porn....not that I know what 70's porn looks like or sounds like....but....well...never mind....

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