Is a Twitter Buyout by Google or Facebook Likely?

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According to several sources Twitter is in early talks with Google and Facebook about a potential buyout. The talks are very early at this point and haven't gotten serious. It looks more like Twitter is currently exploring its options and gauging interest from these big companies. The company is reportly estimated to be valued at $10bn, up considerably from last years valuation of $3.7bn. With such a valuation many are wondering if Google or Facebook would really pay that for a company when it's still making a loss.

The forums at WebmasterWorld are buzzing about this, with many who think the company is overvalued and want to see it remain independent. According to StoutFiles:

There's a reason Twitter's talking with those companies, and I bet it has something to do with the fact that they don't make money and have maxed out the idea.

Others think it makes sense for Google to potentially buy Twitter. It could be the traction the is needed to give it more broad acceptance and usage than it currently has. One member goes so far as to say it would be better buy for Microsoft in order for them to stay competitive. Maybe so. Whatever Twitter ends up doing, I hope they justify a buyout for more than just the money.

Continued forum discussion at WebmasterWorld

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Barry Schwartz

02/11/2011 05:26 pm

I just don't see it happening...

Stuart Draper

02/11/2011 05:37 pm

I could see it happening for sure. In Twitter's eyes they could work for 10 years and never make as much as they can from Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. As Ben mentions, it would be a smart move for Microsoft to start getting back in the eyes of so many that are spending a lot of time online.


02/11/2011 06:48 pm

Google could gain a lot from buying Twitter. Besides, the two work together well, i.e. the website they put together for the Egyptian riots and the fact that twitter updates run in a scrolling widget as one of Google's search results when someone searches for a trending topic. Google has the advertising know-how, the global scale, the engineers, the server farms, and the finances to push Twitter forward. Twitter has the oh-so-coveted social aspect working, which has proven to be quite important for Web 2.0. They need each other.

Jorge Delgado

02/13/2011 11:41 pm

I don't know what would google benefit from this buyout


02/14/2011 05:16 pm

They should dump it before something better comes along and makes them worthless. Looks what happened to myspace for being stagnant for too long. If they have ran out of ideas then they should sell it to someone that has the brains to do something with it. I don't see Google in this, they have been flopping too much lately and are becoming more evil than people realize. Although facebook is just as evil, at least everyone knows about it and ignores it so it would be a perfect fit for twitter.

Marsh Adam47

02/14/2011 05:27 pm

google scores about zero when it comes to the social game, so i'm pretty sure they would benefit greatly.

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