Why Doesn't My Country Show The Google International Women's Day Logo?

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Today is International Women's Day and like always, Google has a logo to honor the women around the world. They had one in 2012, 2011 and 2010. The question is, why doesn't the logo show up on all versions of Google?

First, here is the logo:

Google's International Women's Day Logo 2013

Currently, the logo is on the following Google properties: Lithuania, Ethiopia, Argentina, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Spain, Netherlands, Oman, Tanzania, Albania, New Zealand, Greenland, United Arab Emirates, India, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Turkey, Czech Republic, San Marino, France, Rwanda, Slovakia, Peru, Norway, Montenegro, Ukraine, Bahrain, Finland, Libya, Indonesia, United States, Sweden, Vietnam, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, South Africa, Malaysia, Senegal, Mozambique, Uganda, Hungary, Brazil, Kuwait, Congo [DRC], Gibraltar, Ireland, Nigeria, Ecuador, Macedonia [FYROM], Australia, Chile, Thailand, Haiti, Iraq, Hong Kong, Denmark, Poland, Morocco, Namibia, Switzerland, Estonia, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Burundi, Taiwan, Cyprus, Qatar, Italy, Palestinian Territories, Venezuela, Israel, Iceland, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Latvia, Japan, Mexico, Egypt, Serbia, United Kingdom, and Greece.

In fact, we have complaints in the Google Web Search Help forum that there is no logo in Canada or India. Maybe those countries do not specifically celebrate International Women's Day?

The Google Doodler that designed this logo is Betsy Bauer. You can see she tweeted about it saying:

Nice job Besty!

For more about this Doodle, see this page.

Bing also has a background image for the special day:

Bing International Women's Day

We paid tribute to the women leaders of our industry in our post Women Are The Building Blocks Of The SEO Industry.

Update: Here is a video interview from CBS on this Doodle:

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help & Google+.

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Elaine Morrison

03/08/2013 03:37 pm

Canada does celebrate International Women's Day. Come on down to http://www.atira.bc.ca/strong-women-strong-music-2013 And when I see we have no Canadian representation from Google online, but many countries who still have extreme violence and horrific traditions that involve women and children are sporting the logo, I am offended. I have no words.


03/08/2013 04:18 pm

I'm just curious as to how that list of countries is sorted. It took me like a minute to find United States.

Gibraltar News

03/08/2013 10:31 pm

Gibraltar does celebrate it, but the logo is not shown on google.com.gi


03/11/2013 10:00 pm

So, where was the International Men's Day doodle since we're on the topic?

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