Windows 8 Launches & Google Gets Nervous

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Get Your Google BackFriday, Microsoft launched Windows 8 to consumers. It is Microsoft latest operating system and one of their most significant changes to the operating system ever.

Baked right into Windows 8 is searching the web using Bing. In fact, Bing has a video on how to search using Bing on Windows 8 and how unique the interface is:

Google got a bit sensitive about the launch and wanted to make sure users knew how to search Google using Windows 8. So they launched this Get Your Google Back mini portal explaining how to add Google search and Chrome to Windows 8.

Here is a video Google also released to support it:

Is this Google acting nervous or just a smart business move from Google?

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Praveen Sharma

10/29/2012 12:39 pm

Don't think they are nervous. May be just want to make sure that their users don't feel awkward and lonely without Google on Windows 8.

Steven Lockey

10/29/2012 12:56 pm

Can't wait for the anti-trust case on this one ;)


10/29/2012 01:06 pm

They should be very nervous.. Googles search results have been very spotty since the last major algorithm change, especially in regards to localised searches. Their attempt to squeeze more advertising money out of small businesses struggling to stay afloat in this horrible economy might be their downfall. Bing has been stepping up its advertising campaign and now that Windows 8 makes it more difficult to use Google, many users may forget about the self serving Google. Search is a service industry and Google seems to be forgetting about that. Recently, a lot of my friends and family have turned to other Search Engines like Bing, Ask, or DuckDuckGo for a better search experience..


10/29/2012 01:23 pm

It's clever. Google have been growing vertically from search to an interent browser (chrome) to mobile operating system (android) and attempting to do it with Chromebook. Microsoft however is blocking them off at the source with Windows 8. This is where Google's limits lie. It's the same for the Apple iPhone default search and Apple computers too. In terms of nervousness, I think it's a funny move, probably retaliating to


10/29/2012 01:24 pm

Also don't forget they'll be a lot of people searching "How do i get Google on to Windows 8" so these types of self-help videos provide a clear solution for those searching.


10/29/2012 04:02 pm

bing it peoples, stop google dictatorship and monopoly. that company cheat us everywhere and not follow own webmaster guidelines (ads above fold, relevancy, links quality - youtube, etc).


10/29/2012 04:03 pm

on google for now


10/29/2012 09:49 pm

While I am an Apple user and a fan of Safari, I like what Microsoft did with this video. At the same time, I know that a majority of people are Windows users so this is a smart move by Microsoft. Smart webmasters will be happy if Bing gets a larger chunk of the search share - we need a level playing field. I hope that this move will force both Bing and Google to focus more on user experience (as opposed to ads).


10/30/2012 03:27 am

Shoot, they don't have to make a video or play music for me. All either of them has to do is confine their search results to one listing per domain and I'd be dancing in the streets! Surely, if these wizards are as great as they claim to be about choosing what the best pages to serve for a search are, deciding which single page on a website best matches a query should be a piece of cake! I can navigate a website all on my own Google, Bing Yahoo. Just get me to the single best page (in your oh-so-wise opinion) and let me take it from there for the rest of the site (or move onto the next search result).

Travis Van Slooten

10/30/2012 04:53 pm

I don't think Google is nervous at all. I think they simply want people to know how to use Google as their default search engine when using Windows 8. I don't think it's anything more than that. I do find it interesting how Microsoft and Apple aren't playing nice with Google anymore. Apple gives Google Maps the boot now Microsoft gives Google the boot. I love these battles. Travis Van Slooten


10/30/2012 08:52 pm

That's an interesting take Joshua... but Bing still sucks balls. After years of using Windows and forced license upgrades, nobody will ever convince me that Microsoft has a better product or hasn't formed their own monopoly.How many times has Google been in your pocket for license upgrades?


10/30/2012 09:24 pm

I am agree with you, KSteele. But it one from biggest problems what is no real competitors google have. It why complete google dictatorship right now. But everything we can do to tell peoples about it and tell them to try alternative search engines.


10/30/2012 10:05 pm

They would be fools to just ignore Microsoft's ploy.... of course they need to respond. Just know that "The future of the internet is mobile" and Google has that field covered with its Android OS and Apps.... there will always be other options out there and that's what keeps companies like Google and MS in check... but no one is safe. I get FREE OS upgrades from Google and I can have most any App available for practically nothing. I can't wait to see the day when Google puts Android into a desktop OS and shelves it next to MS.


11/01/2012 04:30 am

This is not good for Google, lots of google customers attract and going to window 8 and bing. Googe should be add in windows 8 also..

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