Google Webmasters Team Now On Google+

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Google Webmasters Google+I am not sure what took so long, being that Google+ is so important to Google. The Google Webmasters team finally made their own page on Google+ at +GoogleWebmasters and announced it on Google+.

They had a Twitter account for years at @googlewmc and now playing catch up on social media, adding their own on Google+.

Don't get me wrong, many Googlers on the webmaster team are very active on Google+. Just not on the official Google channel, now they can be.

Last night, Google announced it on Google+ saying:

Welcome to our Google+ page!

The webmaster outreach team at Google will use this page to post announcements, events, tips, quizzes and other resources to help webmasters like you make great sites that can be found in Google Search. Follow us and join the webmaster community!

They then posted this picture:

Google Webmasters Google+ Picture

I wonder if they will keep it up? I assume the Matt Cutts videos will be posted here frequently, as they are on Twitter.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Marie Haynes

03/11/2014 12:59 pm

Any idea whether we will be able to communicate with the team regarding difficult reconsideration requests through this account?


03/11/2014 01:05 pm

Still no luck with the lady then? :D

Marie Haynes

03/11/2014 01:22 pm

:) It's early days yet on that one. But it's a shame that in order for us to get any sort of response from Google we had to have a high profile twitter conversation with Matt Cutts. There are many other webmasters who are struggling to pass reconsideration and need some more concrete advice on how to do it. Being able to have a few minutes of a webspam team member's time would be very helpful. But then, if there are 5000+ reconsideration requests filed a week I can understand why they can't respond to everyone's questions.


03/11/2014 02:36 pm

I simply don't think the team has any inclination to help out avowed spammers, and are probably a little bemused by the attempt.

Jenny Halasz

03/11/2014 05:18 pm

check out the G+ tech SEO community - lots of Googlers hanging out there:

Marie Haynes

03/11/2014 06:59 pm

Thanks Jenny! I've requested to join.

Link Worx Seo

03/12/2014 06:00 pm

Appreciate the post, just joined up with their page.

Gracious Store

03/18/2014 03:47 am

If it took Google webmaster team to get on Google+ why should every other person be in haste to get o board on Google+?

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