Google Lifts My Manual Penalty But I Have An Algorithmic Penalty Also

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Google PenaltyImagine you work incredibly hard after receiving one of those manual penalty notifications to lift that manual penalty. You finally hear back on your reconsideration requests after months of work and Google gives you the good news, you're manual penalty was lifted.

You sit back and say - I'm back in business. But then you watch the orders, phone calls, leads and traffic and none of it increases. It just stays the way it was prior to the penalty. What a let down.

Now you go to the Google Webmaster Help forums for clarification and a Googler tells you, you also have an algorithmic penalty that you need to work on. What a let down!

That is exactly what happened to one webmaster in this Google Webmaster Help thread.

Google's John Mueller, in the nicest way possible, breaks the news:

Congratulations on getting the manual action revoked - that's always a good step :). Looking at your site now, it seems that some of our algorithms still aren't as happy as they could be. To some extent, it can just take time for us to recrawl, reindex, and reprocess all of the URLs and signals that we have to look at, so I wouldn't assume that your changes aren't appreciated (by our algorithms & your users). That said, being complacent and just waiting probably isn't a good strategy either, so recommendation would be to continue looking at ways to make your website the absolute best of its kind. Other parts of our algorithms will definitely pick up those kinds of changes (and your recent changes) faster, and if users love your site, they'll come to you with or without search engines. Good luck in 2013!

Now, we know having a manual penalty revoked won't always lead to ranking improvements. On the flip side, it may not lead to ranking declines. So this should not be shocking to anyone.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Michael Merritt

12/28/2012 01:59 pm

This doesn't sound so much like an algorithmic penalty so much as the site isn't doing enough on its own to rank well.


12/28/2012 02:00 pm

John doesn't seem to mention any penalty other than the manual one. Reading between the lines he's talking about Panda or some other algorithm.


12/28/2012 02:37 pm

I thought only people that wanted a public bashing went to Google's help forum? The last time I was there I was shocked by the lack of moderation and insulting comments hurled by users. For a company that preaches so much about moderation (Google), they sure could use some of their own advice. In the case of the webmaster referenced in this post, he sure was lucky John spoke up. Otherwise he would have left as many others have - feeling insulted and betrayed by a forum allegedly designed to help webmasters.


12/28/2012 03:18 pm

If you get a comment on google's help forum from john mueller or any other real google employee, you should buy a lottery ticket instantly because you seem to have an insane amount of luck going for you. I posted a couple of what I thought valid requests but didn't got any comments.

John Britsios

12/29/2012 04:52 pm

I do not understand what is new or strange in this story. Manual and algorithmic filters or penalties are entirely two different things. If someone had a manual penalty for unnatural/artificial links and the filter or penalty have been revoked, does not mean that results of an algorithmic filter like Penguin will be reversed too. Manual actions are executed by humans, and algorithmic automatically by a software. So what am I missing here?

Steven Lockey

01/02/2013 04:16 pm

No, just idiots who come there is rant instead of getting help, or the people who are selling SEO services then ask basic SEO questions get insulted. The majority of the decent questions on the Webmaster forums are answered helpfully. If you just go there and write a rant how you deserve to rank and expect Google to fix it instead of going there to learn how to improve your site's ranking, then yes, expect to be told some harsh truths. Most people claiming to have been insulted on the webmaster forums are those insisting their sites are perfect and there is nothing that can be done to improve them so its surely a problem with Google that their spammy pile of crap doesn't rank. There again with a name like Monopolized Search (do you even know what a monopoly is? Clearly not) I'm not exactly expecting you to be unbias.

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