You Can Now Connect Your Google+ Page With Your Google Maps Listing

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Google+ Local IconYou can finally connect your Google+ company page to your Google Maps listing.

For the past year or so, I had two listings for my company in Google+. Then, somehow, I had a third. Now, I was able to connect my Google Maps verified listing to my Google+ company page. And the biggest surprise to me, it worked! Google Maps is known for bugs and this seemed to actually work.

My company's Google+ page, over here now also has a "verified local business" check box, because I went through the steps to do so.

The steps are described here:

(1) Assuming you have a verified maps listing and Google+ page, then Log in to Google+, select Pages from the left-hand navigation ribbon, and click Manage this page on the local page.

(2) The local page will look almost the same as your current page. It will include a verification shield next to the name of a page. If you hover the badge, you’ll see "Verified local business".

Connect Google+ Page

(3) From the top left corner, choose Dashboard > Settings

(4) Scroll to the "Profile" section. Next to “This page is connected to Google Maps”, click Connect a different page.

(5) In the "Link a different page to this location" dialog, pick the page that you’d like to connect to Maps and click Next.

(6) You’ll see a list describing the changes to the newly-created page you’re connecting to Maps, and the local Google+ page you’re disconnecting from Maps. Click Confirm.

That is it and it worked.

click for full size

The page that’s newly connected to Maps will:

  • Display the name and verification badge from the former local page.
  • Display the business information (hours, phone number, etc.) and reviews from the former local page.
  • No longer display prior owner responses to local reviews. Your existing reviews may take a few hours to show up after connecting the page.
  • Carry over followers, posts, and managers. 
  • Carry over the custom URL (if you’ve set one up).
  • Possibly remove ad campaigns associated with the page. To start a new campaign, visit and follow the step-by-step instructions.

The former local page will:

  • No longer display on Google Maps
  • No longer display local business information or reviews
  • Be renamed to "Backup of "
  • Still be visible on Google+
  • Retain followers, posts, and managers from the former local page
  • Retain the custom URL from the former local page (if you’ve set one up)
  • No longer display AdWords Express campaigns associated with the page.

Forum discussion at Google Business Help.

This post was scheduled to be posted today but was written at an earlier point in time. The author is not around on June 4th or 5th to respond to comments.

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06/04/2014 02:41 pm

This is great news, It has been an annoyance ever since the local elements got brought in and having in effect two pages... Now the verified listing is nicely merged with our active page... Nice to see they listen every once in a while.


06/04/2014 08:29 pm

Blimey Rusty - if you were confused: what hope for us ordinary mortals with little brains ;-)


06/05/2014 12:10 pm

Hi Barry - thanks for sharing this information. I was able to help two clients with this problem as a result of seeing your post, but ran into a roadblock with a third. Perhaps you or a commenter / reader can offer insight or a solution. My client is the "owner" of the account that manages his verified Google (places / map) listing. He wants it to be linked to an existing Google+ page with an associated YouTube channel. But, he's only a "manager" of that existing Google+ page. Is this the reason why he cannot point the verified to that existing page? When I am logged in as the verified owner of the business listing / map, and visit the settings tab, scroll to the profile, and choose to link the map to a new page, I cannot access or choose the existing Google+ page we want the listing to link to. It doesn't appear in this list. Thus, my assumption is that it's because he's only a manager of that other page. Any good advice or solution would be appreciated! One more item to throw into the mix: My client also has a great Google "see inside" video attached to his verified business listing and doesn't want to lose it in the switch. Thank you in advance for any guidance! Please let me know if I can better explain the above.

Linda Buquet

06/05/2014 10:29 pm

Hi Tracy, I've had about 40 QA emails back and forth with Google management since I had the initial pre-launch demo because there have been so many questions all over. I'm not sure about the 1st part of your question but the 2nd should be fine. I did a diagram that illustrates what stays and what moves to help folks understand. Using a head and body analogy. Local is the head and disconnects and moves over to the new G+ Brand page's body. I ran it by Google management to be sure I covered every feature and got everything in the right place. But no one has asked about "see inside" so I didn't think to ask about that. (Good Q!) But essentially all local/maps related data and features transfers over to the G+ Brand page. So I'm sure business photos do too, because that's part of maps and is not a G+ feature.


06/05/2014 11:51 pm

"The former local page will: No longer display on Google Maps" Is that because the new page WILL be displayed in maps?

Sandro Galindo

06/06/2014 02:51 am

Great post. I went through all 17 of our clients and they were all already linked to a google maps location!


06/19/2014 02:53 pm

So what do you do when your page doesn't have the "Connect a different page" button showing in settings?

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