Starring Google News Results Gone

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Google News StarWith the addition of the new version of Google News launched this week, it seems like the ability to star Google News stories went out the window. At least starring them from the Google home page.

Harvey from the Google News team said in a Google News Help thread:

We are no longer offering the ability to star content on Google News, however the Starred section will continue to appear for users so that previously starred stories are not lost.

This change goes in line with the Google Search dropping starring in March of this year. But Google still let you star items directly at Google Bookmarks and see them there. I've tried starring News results from the Google Home page and see if they show up in my Google News Starred section but they currently do not.

The thing is, I currently see the ability to still star Google News search results. I wonder if that feature is going away or not - I would assume it would, because it truly is not consistent otherwise.

Google News Starring Results Off:

Google News Starring Results Off

Google News Starring Results On:

Google News Starring Results On

Google News Starred Section:

Google News Starred Section

Some recent Google News stories in the past few days:

Forum discussion at Google News Help.

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Ellie K

05/19/2011 01:25 pm

 @rustybrick:twitter  Google is ALL over the place recently!  I was using starring interchangeably with +1 for search. But only because I need to improve my browser discipline. Starring is very useful, for more than Search! For Google News, as you described, but also Google Docs, Google Scholar, even Gmail!  Do you think Google is phasing out starring? I'd find that really inconvenient. I wonder what sort of cost (or other reason) Google has for disabling the starring feature, even in News?  I hope Google doesn't do many more of these incremental changes to the Search (and other product) UI's. It feels ad hoc.  And could have a cumulative negative impact on overall UX.

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