I Migrated My Google+ Account: Now What?

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Google+ iPhone AppFor the past 9 months or so, I've been living a lie. Well, I've been using a Ghost account on Google+ to share content.

Two days ago, I am off that Ghost account and now living the good life, able to share content as myself instead as my alter ego.

I signed up for Google+ when it launched under my Google Apps account which was a personal Gmail account for some reason. When I migrated my gmail account to a full fledge Google Apps account, my Google+ account went into limbo. I describe it all over here.

Long story short, the only way for me to share stuff on Google+ was to either kill my already popular Google+ account, which was now a ghost account. Or have Google migrate it. Google told me in December they would migrate me, but 7 months later, I am not migrated and so can everyone else be migrated.

Ronald Ho from Google announced it on his Google+ page. He said:

A while back we announced plans for a tool that would help you transfer your circles from one Google+ account to another and ensure that your followers are automatically directed to your new, preferred profile. Today, anyone can visit Google Takeout and click “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”: https://www.google.com/takeout. For more information, check out this help center article. Thanks again for being so patient!

Here are details on how to migrate or transfer your connections.

Technically, the only thing Google is moving over is circle names, circle members, "your circles" settings, and people and pages you've blocked or ignored. They are not migrating content, pages, and authorship information or verified status of your account.

So my ghost account is currently still live at this URL but I am not active at this URL so follow me there.

That being said, I still have issues:

(1) The new account is not verified, but the old one is.

Google+ Verified

Update: Google has verified my new account on the same day as me writing this.

(2) My authorship in Google search results still links to my old account, even though I changed all my public URLs to the new URL over a week ago.


Update: Google updated their index and should be fixed soon.

(3) I cannot login to Google+ iPhone app, it says I need to migrate for some reason:

Google+ iPhone Migration Issue

Update: Google sent me instructions basically telling me when I see this screen, it thinks I am logged into my temp account. I had to create a new Gmail account to migrate this temp account to. It worked, I am finally off my temp account and using Google Apps fully.

Those are my current issues after migrating.

Note, I was unable to Share content on Google+, Add or remove people to and from circles or Block or ignore people until the migrating and transfer was complete, which took about 48 hours.

So that is my experience transferring my Google+ account details to my Google Apps account.

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07/13/2012 02:22 pm

The only reason why I have a Google+ account is to verifty that I am the author of my content to discourage copyright infringement. I feel there should be a tool for this in our Adsense account; that would seem more on-target.

Webstats Art

07/16/2012 09:37 am

The only reason I am in Google Plus is because Google linked a few lines of content I made to my gmail etc. I think there are over a hundred million users like me. Besides that, I have noticed Facebook is becoming even more popular where I live, despite google plus. I think google plus is making people join facebook because it is an example of an alternative that sucks that non facebook users can try for a while, only to find out that facebook is the best. No-one is going to use Google Plus over here because it is just too nerdy and uncool and kind of desperate and freakish. It feels like being in a corporate office and even if they invite a Taiwanese band to come into Google plus, they'd rather watch it on facebook. It looks like Google plus is a content farm royale that is trying to force popularity and page rank by powerful backlinks. If google can't get popular by doing that, then they can always feature google plus more and more on their search pages and make it look even more like spam. Google search with those plus pages in results is already looking like crap but I guess that they will find a way to glorify, justify and legitimize their new content farm. If you ask me , Google Plus is a massive failure but I guess that freedom on the internet allows us to pump up dead dogs if we have the money and resources to do it. I guess google can make a new algorithm to prove that the crap on google plus is better than the crap that was on millions of those supposed content farms that have dissolved into nothingness.


07/16/2012 06:20 pm

LOL! I enjoyed reading your comments thoroughly. You made me think about all of the other Google services and how they are actually linked and tied to one another, which they tout will assist in improving ranking. Yet very few have reported success in using these tools and services. Like a pack of ants serving a queen, people keep working and striving to recover from the Panda unleashing. Yet again, very few recoveries in this area. It's actually quite pitiful to watch; people have worked so hard and many have done exactly what Google recommended. About those services. They offer the toolbar and the page ranking thing which is basically used for tracking web activity. Then we have Chrome. And now they have devised a path for Google+; they had to do something to get content managers involved so they added a content verification action. Then there is the Google Search box that can be added on content pages. Check, check, check, check. To be brutally honest, if my business offered all of these different services which in turn created a full circle, I'm not so sure how my business would rank in the search. Then again, yes I do know. Panda would have blown my business (link farm) off the map. Our content pages link to Google Search with the boxes, then to Google+ due to the verification issue, then with the ads from Adsense.....link, link, link, full circle.

Webstats Art

07/17/2012 04:58 pm

I am glad you enjoyed reading my comments. More power to you! I am also glad that Barry does not delete my posts unlike another website that often deletes stuff that is not sucking up to google. I would like to see some google employees try and make a popular website from scratch in 2012.. but without help from google or even telling readers that they work for google. They will quickly find out that the Google webmaster mantra of "build it and they will come" is absolute nonsense. Maybe they know already and are just burying their heads in the sand. If anyone reading this managed to make a successful site post panda or even recovered fully.. then my hat is off to you. So far, I have not seen any real examples of the underdogs managing to climb out of the google pit they have fallen into. No-one ever gives proper examples.

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