Google: We Currently Do Not Support The Location

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Google: We Do Currently Do Not Support The LocationOver the past few days, there has been a spike in the number of complaints from business owners that Google is spitting out errors in Google Places that reads, "We Currently Do Not Support The Location."

People are saying when they link to their Google Maps/Places page, such as this one, it shows that message.

This is not a global issue, my place page works just fine but many are complaining about the issue.

Google's Jay said:

I've escalated this issue to our engineers so they can investigate why this is happening. I'll keep you posted.

The first report came on August 26th or so and they are still having issues. Google did not reply until August 30th.

Mike Blumenthal also covered it back in June and then again yesterday to note the spike in these reports.

We have no estimated time for a fix.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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Scott D.

09/02/2011 02:48 pm

This worked for me a few times. From your Google Places account click on one of your business names which will take you to your GP analytics. At the top right of your GP analytics page you will see "Share an update on your place page" Do an update of any kind and click "share" Works about 50% of the time.


09/02/2011 03:52 pm

Here is how i've fixed it Just move the icon pointer :) simples :)

Waseem Ahmed

09/03/2011 10:51 pm

It is also working for my Business "iCheap Marketing & Design" still i have not faced any issue. I think Google is having fully focused on Google + that's why they are not considering these little bugs to fix them.


09/06/2011 07:11 am

me also facing this problem my  Wedding and event planning  Local place is also not supporting Business Listing

Google Places SEO

09/07/2011 11:53 am

Nothing new from Google, just another DB error. These have been apparent for many years and this little blighter has reared his ugly head before. I have found the best solution to wait 2 weeks before making any changes to your listing and then making small incremental changes after that time. Our blog has many free posts on Google Places optimization and the best practices and what to stay away from. Hope you can all find it of some use I just recently blogged about the missing URL on Google Places listings which was picked up on twitter by many, it might be of use.


09/13/2011 07:18 am

You can fix it in many cases by yourself.. it takes some testing but I managed to get a clients back doing some changes to the places page.. the one that worked for me was 'fixing an incorrect marker'.. a slight change made the difference. Most are out of this situation now but some still are.. very annoying issue.

Guillermo Ortiz

10/07/2011 04:33 pm

Glad I stumbled upon this post as I have a client who is experiencing some issues. I thought it was just his place, but apparently not!

Brendan Tully

10/19/2011 11:18 pm

Ah glad I found this, have a pay for performance client that disappeared from Places today with this error - did the move the marker trick and that sorted it out


01/05/2012 07:02 pm

Marker tricked worked! Beautiful


01/14/2012 11:35 am

I have the same issue with my placement page.  I have two locations but each location is in separate counties in Pa.  I'm not sure why they suddenly dropped my main location on google maps.  Here is the link:  Please help!

M Adler5157

03/29/2012 12:18 am

Same problem    They have called me twice     It was then fixed     Know same problem back      we do not support this location...........i have been on google for a long time   Help      Marty Adler/royal carpet warehouse/chula call me

Jayshree Bhagat

04/17/2012 09:06 pm

plz fix it


07/18/2012 12:35 am

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