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Google+ LocalGoogle's + Local business rep (I guess formerly Google Places rep) Vanessa started a thread at Google Business Help answering common questions from business owners concerned about managing and maintaining their business listings in Google Maps with the new Google+ Local changes.

She posted some FAQs for business owners:

  • You should still manage your business listing at Google Places for now.
  • Your verified Google Places listing will not display a checkmark on Google+ Local. Google is working on this.
  • You can no longer upload videos or use the Post to Place page feature.
  • Google adopted the Zagat scoring system (more on that here:
  • Reviews from Google and Zagat users will live on your local Google+ page and attributed to "A Google User" or "A Zagat user" until the user chooses to attribute their name with the review.
  • In your Places dashboard, the "See your listing on Google Maps" is currently directing you to the old Google Places page. Google is working to update that link so that it redirects to the new local Google+ page. Stay tuned.
  • Google will be combining any Google+ page you may have created with any matching upgraded Google Places listing

You have a few options with the last item:

1) You may create a Google+ page to try out the social features in Google+. Be sure to choose the Local category so that Google can bring your multiple pages together to create one listing later on.

2) Go to this form give Google you're email address, and we'll let you know when Google can combine your pages in to a single page - like the ones Google feature on the Google and Your Business blog post.

3) Sit tight, and as Google mentioned in the blog post, Google is going to have a solution for everyone that's verified today that will make upgrading to the full local Google+ page experience seamless and easy.

Forum discussion at Google Business Help.

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Scott Boyd

05/31/2012 12:36 pm

"until the user chooses to attribute their name with the review." Basically any existing fake reviews will fly under the radar as business owners will have no way to follow the user's paper trail to investigate. Quality of the data set -1.

Mark McKelvey

05/31/2012 12:59 pm

Hi Barry, Do you think we will see help for franchises anytime soon? We would like each franchisee to have a page/listing where their customers can interact locally, while maintaining consistent branding, messaging, and customer service from one corporate account. Does this fall into: "Google is going to have a solution for everyone that's verified today that will make upgrading to the full local Google+ page experience seamless and easy." ? Any insight you could provide would be great! Thanks!

Heather Turner

06/01/2012 04:17 pm

Guess Google hasn't gotten the kinks out of this one yet, I sent an email request into the link specified and got this just now from them: "Thank you for contacting Google. Unfortunately you've emailed an alias that does not receive direct email contact. For questions about Google Places, please visit the Places Help Center: For questions about Google Maps, please visit the Maps Help Center: Thanks for your understanding! The Google Team"

Paul Sherland

06/01/2012 09:46 pm

There are some issues with data migration from Google Places to Google+ Local. I recently discovered that my Google Places business categories of Internet Marketing Service and Reputation Management Consultant have been changed to Entertainment and Recreation in Google+ Local. There doesn't seem to be a way to correct it right now. Maybe it's a nudge in a new career direction!

Brian Barron

06/04/2012 02:05 pm

Do you guys think the direct links to old places pages will eventually forward to the new plus pages? We used those direct links in some of our advertising. (qr codes to leave reviews on old places page)

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