Google In-Depth Rich Snippets Articles?

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Google has confirmed that they are testing a new type of search result, maybe a rich snippet, named "in-depth" articles. Peter Meyers (@dr_pete) from Moz emailed me screen shots, which I still cannot replicate myself. But Google did confirm for me at Search Engine Land that this is indeed a test and not a browser extension.

Here is a screen shot showing off the results:

Google In-Depth Rich Snippets Articles

Clearly, these are local reviews of restaurants that match the query in that location. In this result, the query was for mexican restaurants, the search was done while in Chicago. The in-depth results came from Reason, New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

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Praveen Sharma

06/10/2013 02:36 pm

Can't see any relevancy here. If I am looking for 'Mexican restaurants', show me list of mexican restaurants, not interested in reviews on Mexican food and city from some other parts of the world.

Nick Gordineer

06/10/2013 03:49 pm

I think this is going to be a useful new tool for Google searches. For example I wish this article was a little more in depth and showed multiple searches with this new result and gave more information. The internet seems to be flooded with these short reviews so I hope at the very least it'll sift out these short articles when looking for more complete info.

Stephen Slater

06/10/2013 04:43 pm

It appears that these are generated through sources indexed in Google News. I'll be interested to see this develop. Would a review by a verified author and food critic for a major publication be valued over reviews on a local listing service. That would appear to be the trend.

Alan Smith

06/11/2013 05:49 am

I am expecting more high quality results from this experiment :)


06/11/2013 06:24 am

Does Rich Snippet improves keyword ranking of a website?

Mark Melgie

06/11/2013 06:43 am

Well I think this one will consume a lot of bandwidth and computer resources, better upgrade you net speed and PC performance. but as far as I'm concern.. will it help for better ranking?? well lets just hope so...

GMR Website Maintenance

06/11/2013 09:47 am

The new snippet looks great for making the search. Thanks for posting the news. I would like to know more updates about the snippet the Google In-Depth articles.

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