Google In-Depth Articles Adds Links To More In-Depth Articles

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Google's in-depth articles just got an update. Google announced it on Google+ highlighting two new features.

(1) A link under the 3 in-depth articles to show more in-depth articles

(2) Explore links to other topics and queries that will show more search results that contain in-depth articles.

Here is a picture of a search for [federal reserve] that shows these two features:

Google In-Depth Articles

Rubén Gómez documented how to search Google' in-depth articles with a URL parameter addition. Specifically adding &ida_m=1 to the end of your search URL.

For more on how to get your content to show up in these results, see our original story on in-depth articles.

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12/06/2013 08:35 pm

google algorithms hunting for money at all places. this in-depth articles are totally thin and useless at most cases (where is panda???). like "how to make money" articles on forbes, complete "magazine style articles about nothing, at top". but of course - it "in-depth" articles. relevance=0, panda=not work.

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