Google Says Switching To HTTPS Won't Change Your Page Rankings

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Google SSL Web sitesA Google Webmaster Help thread has someone complaining that his site's rankings dropped and the one thing he noticed was that his home page and 56 other pages are indexed in Google with the https version.

To which John Mueller of Google responded:

Before you get too focused on technical issues, I'd just like to add that going from https to http, or the other way around, generally won't noticeably change your pages' ranking.

So he is implying that there may be something else here to blame for his ranking drop and not the HTTPS issue he is citing.

But is it true that switching from HTTPS to HTTP or the other way around "generally won't noticeably change your pages' ranking?"

Six months ago or so, we covered that making the switch is doable but you need to do it right. Matt Cutts also posted a video on the topic in 2011, of course, things change quickly in search, so I am not sure if he would be as reserved if he made the video today:

Assuming the 301s are set up correctly - I'd say there may be a small down side for a short period of time, in switching from HTTP to HTTPS. Would I make the change here? Nope, not yet at least. I would in a second if Google passed me query data. ;-)

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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02/17/2014 03:43 pm

Yes, and no, John. Yes, technically, the search engines are agnostic to HTTPS/HTTP. However, as we all know, pages that are HTTPS vs. HTTP show up as separate URLs for link count purposes. Therefore, by switching to HTTPS, it looks like he's got a duplicate URL issue with one set of URLs having few or no links. The original post mentions some 301 redirecting going on, but it also mentions they screwed it up, causing pages that need to be HTTPS to redirect to the home page. It doesn't specify whether this is a sitewide issue or related to only some of the pages, but there's clearly an issue which means they're *not* properly 301ing pages to pass link juice.


02/17/2014 04:23 pm

may be him lie like usually

Soni Sharma

02/18/2014 05:24 am

Yes I noticed one of my client's website it affects ranking if search engine indexed both http and https version use canonical tag in this case.

Kaloyan Banev

02/18/2014 11:24 am

I am personally not ready to do this step. My website is very heavy and getting all under SSL will slow things even more.

Webmaster Sun

02/18/2014 02:06 pm

Didn't change to https so just to know this news


02/19/2014 02:49 am

I have some pages under https and some under http. I want all of them rank. Should I create two separate robots.txt and XML sitemaps for these pages?

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