Day After Pearl Harbor, Google Displays Logo For Communist Diego Rivera

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Google's Diego Rivera Logo

Today, December 8th, Google has a worldwide logo for Diego Rivera. The logo is beautiful, showing off the spirit and work of the well-known artist, Diego Rivera. He was born 125 years ago on December 8, 1886 in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico and died on November 24, 1957 in Mexico City at the age of 70.

He is most well known for his murals painted across Mexico City, Chapingo, Cuernavaca, San Francisco, Detroit, and New York City. But he was also known as being an active communist, which is what is upsetting some Americans.

If you look at the Google Doodle forum you will see post after post with complaints that Google didn't have a logo for the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks yesterday and to make matters worse, they had a logo for a communist the day after. They feel it is a slap in American's faces.

One Google user said in a Google Web Search Help post:

While Diego Rivera is a great artist, today is a day supposed to be set aside to remember those that fell that day 70 years ago when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. So today to see you honor Rivera and yet not mention the thousands that fell on this day 70 years ago saddens me. Usually I love your doodles, but, today I just found it sad that the decision you made was to go with an artists birthday and not honor those brave men and women that perished on this day 70 years ago.

To be fair, Google does not post logos for sad events and Pearl Harbor is one of those sad events.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Andrew Girdwood

12/08/2011 01:15 pm

Has Google ever posted a logo for an event (other than the Unix epoc) ? Pearl Harbour seems like an odd event to celebrate. 


12/08/2011 03:57 pm

You can see all of the previous Google Doodle logos at


12/08/2011 05:01 pm

I have mixed feelings as well. Rivera is a wonderful artist.  I wondered why Rivera was being honored today, and if Google had  copyright permission to copy the artist's works, but that is a different issue.  Sad event or not, I think Pearl Harbor has definately become part of our American History.  As a teacher, I find it sad that there is such a push to pick and choose which historical events we want the next generation to know about.  Shame on Google for trying to pick and choose a version of history. 

Melanie Montero

12/08/2011 05:07 pm

Rivera was not a "wonderful artist", Michelangelo was a "wonderful" artist. If  honoring a communist the day after Pearl Harbor doesn't say something about Google, nothing does.

Melanie Montero

12/08/2011 05:08 pm

Though after thinking about it for a little while, these logos are probably designed by 20 somethings fresh out of our modern-art-rainbow- commie colleges so this doesn't surprise me.


12/08/2011 05:29 pm

So what exactly has a communist to do with Pearl Harbour? As far as my limited history knowledge goes, Pearl Harbour was not attacked by communists, was it? Pearl Harbour led the US to entering WWII in which they fought *with* the communists aainst the Nazis and Japan. So what's this fuzz all about? If it was a Japanese artist I could understand (a little) but it's not. It's Mexican and thus totally unrelated to Pearl Harbour.


12/08/2011 06:19 pm

Stuff like this used to anger me. Now I just expect it. Kind of like the neighbors dog crapping in my yard. It used to infuriate me, but the dog did it everyday and now stepping over the crap or shoveling it back into the dog's yard is as normal as checking the mail for me.


12/08/2011 06:27 pm



12/08/2011 06:29 pm

Without a doubt!


12/08/2011 06:55 pm

This is not the only slap in the face of America and the brave men and women who made it great. For instance, I've noticed around  Presidents Day that not even the combined holiday is honored, let alone our great Presidents' individual birthdays. Though, they dredge up from the bowels of history anyone to whom they take a fancy and doesn't threaten their little rainbow world, like today's communist artist doodle. And of course they never forget Martin Luther King Day. Don't get me wrong, King was a great Humanitarian and worthy of honor, but not when other great men who founded this once great country are slighted.  This practise is nothing but an insute to American and all Americans should be offended.


12/08/2011 07:29 pm

Google posted Diego Rivera doddle in a recognition of his birthday Dec 8, as they have done in multiple times for characters that have mark history. If you review the doddle library you can see that Google has dedicated to doddle on historical characters, cultural NATIONAL HOLIDAYS and world wide events. With full respect to Pearl Harbor I don't undertand why people get offended for events/facts that are not  connected.  Diego Rivera has been published world wide in Google's homepage so its not a direct message to the US. If people feel so strongly for a day that change US history, my question is why hasn't it become a national holiday to highlight. 


12/08/2011 07:36 pm

This is ridiculous


12/08/2011 10:55 pm

Google is all Kum Ba Yah. The did do a ribbon this year for 9-11. No Pearl Harbor though. They're really not much for taking off the rose colored glasses.


12/09/2011 12:10 am

It's Diego Rivera's BDAY and Google decided to put  a painting of the artist.  We must focus on today and take the positive side of it...always something!


12/09/2011 10:00 am

Who cares if he's a doesn't make him some baby-eating terrorist trying to destroy the USA.  All this talk of "ahhhh, he's a communist" sounds very much like the Islamic  fundamentalists who think all non-muslims are evil.  Surely we are a bit more mature than that.

Scot D

01/11/2012 02:22 pm

Um, we weren't fighting communists in WWII. Russia was on our side, once Hitler turned on them.

Spiritwar2012 aka MetaHertz

01/11/2012 05:38 pm

good point temple of jay.  [reminds me of jars of clay. not to be confused with jars of neighbors dog stuff] reminded me also of my ex-fiance.  she asked what she couldve done to help out.  i asked her to not leave panties on bathroom floor because of guests, keep atleast one path through house open for my shy dog to get through, and to keep atleast one sink in kitchen not full of paint thinner and stuff.  looking back on it i couldve easily just done that stuff myself.  had a dream about her last night though it was fifteen years ago.  maybe a better response wouldve been "i just want you to be who are because that's what i fell in love with."  then quietly i wouldve just picked up after her.  i mean in the big scheme of things what is more important?  plus, excuse my world viewpoint, but the bible even talks about doing things that arent necessarily "fair" out of reverence to the Lord.   keep up the positive thinking bro, or sis?, the hues of the new dawn will be defined by the hearts of man-and-woman-kind.  

Spiritwar2012 aka MegaHertz

01/11/2012 05:40 pm

perhaps there is an underlying message as is not so uncommon these days of daze.  the themes of Rivera's piece has strong tones of rebuilding - as would be the case with post-destruction events.  it also has a striking similarity to the artwork found in DIA which is nothing if not the results of the 20th century and the conflicts found therein.


11/20/2012 05:43 pm

Are u better than Rivera? or at least u deserve a doodle? idont think so... whatever you say is just a square minded argument, the world is just enough big to satisfice everyone.

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