Google Gets Interactive Calculator

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Google has upgraded their calculator in the search results. A couple days ago, if you searched for 2+2, it would show the answer as being 4. Now Google shows 4 but also gives you a full sized calculator to click on and do more calculations.

Here is a screen shot:

Google's New Calculator

The new Google calculator is a fully functional 34-button scientific calculator.

Tal Cohen, from Google's Israel office posted this on his Google+ account and then noted that the Google Calculator team deserves kudos. He even mentioned who worked on this calculator and linked to their Google+ profiles, which have no content. We do know that the Google Calculator team is in Israel.

Update: A reader wanted me to point out it also impacts other calculations, like conversions and so forth. Keep in mind, Google has had a graphical animated scientific calculator for some time now.

Google conversions

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Praveen Sharma

07/26/2012 12:35 pm

Wow.. wasn't aware of that. Now you don't have to search for online calculators if your offline one is not working. Just Google your numbers.


07/26/2012 09:47 pm

I actually saw this a while ago and it made me feel bad for the sites that are converting units. It's basically taking away from webmasters similar to how the knowledge graph which uses Wikipedia information is taking traffic away traffic from Wikipedia. In the past, I used to actually click on the Wikipedia results... Now I just look at Google's knowledge graph. Google, the same company that frowns on duplicate content and invented Panda :) Very sad really. A search engine should provide search results which refers traffic to other sites, and not take traffic away from sites that are allowing them to use this information.

Murthy Seo

07/28/2012 06:22 am

Yes, it's really nice updation and fun

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