Google's Revised Advice On How To Move Your Business On Google Maps

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google maps moving placesIn February, Google came out with specific instructions on how to move your business within Google Maps/Places/Google+ Local. Yea, I know that sounds confusing and it should be.

Google has revised their own advice today and I wanted to share it with you.

Google's Jade Wang posted in the new advice in the Google Business Help forum. She said, now when you move your business, do the following if you are already a verified business:

  • If your business is moving addresses, you should edit your address in your Google Places for Business dashboard or in the Google+ page admin area.
  • In some cases, changing your address will simply edit the address on the existing page. In other cases, it will create a new page for the new address. This will happen automatically and is totally normal; don't worry! It might take a week or two after editing your address for a change to show up.
  • Please note you may need to verify the new page.
  • If a new page is created for your business, you may want to mark the old page (with the old location) as closed. Do so by visiting the page, clicking on Report a problem, and select "Place is permanently closed. Then, in the box that appears, paste the URL for the new page (with the new location), so we can establish a link between the two pages.

This is not a fun process, I personally went through it and just finished having issues a year or so later.

Forum discussion at Google Business Help.

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Tamara Meier

07/25/2013 12:37 pm

It would be spectacular if Google would simply STOP autospawning more G+ pages. Cannot grasp why there's not simply an option to link / combine a legacy Places listing to a current G+ page. And now it looks like YouTube is autospawning more G+ pages, too, depending on what user's answers are when migrating to One Channel.

Praveen Sharma

07/25/2013 12:43 pm

What I liked the most is the image - Google moving your business. Nice picture.


07/25/2013 01:57 pm

This is what I don't understand either. I get as if Google themselves don't know what they want in regards to location stuff, and have made it way harder to figure out end user side since it's so convoluted now.


07/25/2013 09:11 pm

better to say "google killing your business"

Spook SEO

08/03/2013 09:45 am

Why on earth does Google make it harder for the business owners. Although I like the fact that they've been constantly updating their search engine algorithm, I really don't like what they are doing with their G+. Its just keeps on getting worse.

Spook SEO

01/03/2014 01:05 am

It's compulsory to update the address of the business if they are moving from one place to another in the Google search engine and Google + both because it will be convenient for the user who want to approach your business to avail services.

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