BullGuard Breaks Google's Search Results

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BullGuardLast week, we reported on a large number of PC users complaining that the Google search results were simply not showing up.

Google got to the bottom of it. Users using BullGuard, an internet security and antivirus application, are the ones having this issue. Disabling BullGuard fixes the issue.

After days of trying to figure out why so many users are having issues with loading Google results, Google's Albert said you should disable BullGuard. Guess what, it worked.

One searcher said:

Seems as though your hunch is right Albert. Bullguard seems to be the culprit.

In Bullguard I made the following changes to the settings.

under "Settings->Real Time Antivirus->Browsing" untick "Google" where it says "Show safe search results on these websites"

This made Google searches work for me again.

So if you have this issue, disable Bullguard and you should be back in business. I assume Bullguard will be working on a fix?

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Mike Hodges

01/14/2014 07:10 pm

Hi, The issue with Google Search Results not displaying was, indeed, down to BullGuard's Safe Browsing software and was caused by a recent change Google made in the way results are passed back. As soon as we became aware of the problem our developers implemented a fix which has now been rolled out using our automatic update service. I'd like to apologize to anyone caught up in this and I'd like to thank those who came to our Support department to alert us so that it could be rapidly addressed. Mike Hodges BullGuard COO


01/15/2014 04:15 am

Does not answered my question though.... http://www.seroundtable.com/google-search-results-missing-17939.html

Jeremy Swinfen Green

01/17/2014 12:26 pm

I am still suffering from this as a Bullguard user so the solution has not been rolled out to me yet. I have to click on the Images button and then go back to the normal search results and they load. However I can't use any of the search tools options.

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