Google's Blocked Site Feature Missing For 13 Days

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Google's Blocked SitesIn March 2011, Google enabled a blocked sites feature, allowing users to block sites they do not want to see in the search results. That feature went away for some when Google introduced Search Plus Your World about 13 days ago.

This is a known issue, we reported it at Search Engine Land as part of the Search Plus Your World launch.

Those who have switched over to this new and more personalized search experience lose one big personalization factor, the ability to block results. Those who are still on on Search Plus Your World will still be able to benefit from the blocked results feature.

Here is how it works:

Google Blocked Results

People are complaining about it at the Google Web Search Help forums - although there aren't a tremendous number of complaints.

On Friday, Albert from Google said:

Thanks for that update. I've brought up the issue, and we're actively working on a fix. I'll keep this thread updated as we can come up with a solution.

There is no ETA for a fix, but Google has been aware of it for 13 days and counting now.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Andrea Moro

01/23/2012 06:14 pm

Well, not sure why, but I still noticing the feature. However it must be said that I do see more other things other user do not normally see (this may be the results of being a TC) and I did not tested whether or not this is an IP related situation or a username grant.


02/19/2012 06:16 pm

I REALLY disappointed that Mr. Cutts and other Google engineers STILL haven't either A) fixed the site blocking capability or B) at least suppressed the most constant phone results , i.e. the bait and switch sites.  For me, the WORST are the sites that come up when I reverse search a telephone number; the Google results are page after page of Bait and Switch sites that claim to know who the number is, but then turn around and say there is a fee for the name!!!??? Since Google appears to be asleep at the switch, perhaps someone can help me with an automatic application that SINKS THE SCAMMERS!  Specifically, the app would add a Zap button to my Firefox toolbar.  Whenever I do a google search and get sucked into clicking on a bait and switch scammer, I want to click on the "zap" button, which would automatically duplicate the search and the clicks on the scam site link (so the scam site gets charged for the hit), then repeats this 400-500 times to run up the scam site's advertising bill.  Ideally, the application would allow other SCAM Haters to auto-share the information.  Even a few thousand Scam Haters, each generating 500 hits on a scam site, should eventually be able to sink the scam sites under a mound of advertising charges!

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