What's New With Google+ In Short

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Google+ iPhone AppIt was hard to miss the news that Google announced yesterday around Google+.

If you did and you really don't have time to sift through everything, Google's Aygul Zagidullina captured notes in very short bullet point format that makes it quick and easy to consume.

So for those that missed it, here are her notes:

Latest Google+ stats:

  • 20 launches in the last 4 months
  • 540M active users across Google
  • 300M active users in the Google+ stream
  • 1.5B photos uploaded every week to Google+
  • 20x increase in Google+ video uploads
Google+ Hangouts:
  • Location sharing (text Hangouts)
  • Animated GIFs (text Hangouts)
  • SMS support (text Hangouts)
  • Plan > promote > manage (video Hangouts)
  • Auto awesome (video Hangouts)
Google+ Photos:
  • Google+ Gallery "Moments that matter"
  • Full-size backup on iOS
  • 1000 more words in computer vision photo search
  • Search images in your library or across your circles
  • Auto enhance: low or high and on album-by-album basis
  • New Snapseed filter: HDR Scape
  • New Nik Collection feature: Analog Efex Pro
  • Two new awesome effects: action, eraser
  • Auto awesome movies (auto and manual flows)

Of course, they did this all during a black out, as Vic Gundotra said on Google:

Just lost half the power in the building/block.

Here is one video of one of the awesome new features:

For some more images and details on this Google+ update, which is filled with new stuff, see the links below.

Forum discussion at +AygulZagidullina, +VincentMo and +Google.

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10/30/2013 12:20 pm

I've got a G+ account that I have only looked at once...and it was populated with lots of things that Google thought I would have on my page if I were to be actually using it. ...and that is without allowing Google to link my G+ and my Youtube accounts (although god knows they try...over and over and over...to make me). I can only imagine how many people have their made-and-populated-for-them and their Youtube accounts linked and are counting as 'active users' because of this.

Jeremy Myers

10/30/2013 06:26 pm

How do they define "active users"? Google+ will never compete with Facebook until they open up their API.


10/30/2013 07:42 pm

and current search engine algorithm.


10/30/2013 07:42 pm

i think may be 1% real, maximum


10/31/2013 03:14 am

I think it is more than that but not much more. SEO, Googlers and some tech nerds that is about it. Until Miley Cyrus opens a G+ account and actively uses it I am going to assume G+ is dead.


10/31/2013 04:29 pm

exactly. But we need google -1, to show google how bad is their serp now.


10/31/2013 07:34 pm

Here is one video of one of the awesome new features: Features that make you yell out your lungs?

Raymond Duke | Copywriter

11/02/2013 10:39 pm

I seem to get the most engagement from G+ than any other network. I also encounter nicer people. Twitter is too short to have complex exchanges, and people think Facebook is too personal for public conversation.

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