No Longer Beta: Google Analytics Real Time Events/Conversions But...


Google Analytics LogoGoogle announced this week that events and conversions in Google Analytics Real-Time reports is coming out of beta. Plus they are adding App profiles and dedicated metrics for Unique Visitors.

But what they did not tell you was they dropped the "events action" filter from the reports.

A Google Analytics Help thread has a complaints from an analytics professional who asked, "Did Google removed "Event Action" filtering under the Events in Real-Time Analytics?"

Here is a picture from this person showing it missing:

click for full size

Where did it go? It is unknown. Is it a bug or removed for other reasons? Unknown.

Forum discussion at Google Analytics Help & Google+.

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Stuart David

11/15/2013 01:36 pm

Coming out of Beta, really!? It crashes if its been open for an hour or so, every time. Besides that point, its the best piece of engineering in the respective field. Dedicated screens to it here 247, the 'glancing insights' it gives with homebrews are great! Very much about creating your own real time dashboard though, the default lacks good advanced insight.

John McLaren

11/18/2013 02:22 pm

If you're finding GA real time buggy you should check out

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