Google Sharing More About What Their Algorithms Think

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Google Panda HolidayAbout a month ago, we reported that Googlers indeed know if a site is impacted by an algorithm or not - not just if a site is impacted by a manual action.

Today, Google's John Mueller showed that to be the case again when he responded (on Christmas eve) to a webmaster in Google Webmaster Help forums.

He said:

That said, just being crawled faster wouldn't change our algorithm's opinion of your site, and at the moment, it looks like they're really not happy with the quality of the content there.

He is likely references the Panda algorithm which is all about content quality. So this seems to be another example of Google showing they know a site is impacted by an algorithm, which is why I want Google to add this to the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.

That being said, I love John's personal advice, especially the last line:

My personal & direct recommendation here would be to treat this site as a learning experience from a technical point of view, and then to find something that you're absolutely passionate & knowledgeable about and create a website for that instead. Make something that you will want to work on in the long run, make something unique, compelling, and of high quality, something where you're an absolute expert and where you have something to contribute to the web that can't be found anywhere else. This kind of site might be interesting from a technical point of view, but I doubt you dream of "DHGate Coupon Codes Dec 2013," right? :-).

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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12/24/2013 01:09 pm

Or is he just inferring that the quality of the site is poor and is the type of site that Google wouldn't want to give as a result on the first page of results? Just using the word 'algorithm' doesn't seem to indicate that he knows if a site is impacted by a specific algorithm. The site isn't a good site, Google operates with algorithms...would it really be a revelation to say that 'simply making your site faster won't make the algorithm like it more'? I'm not sure he is saying what you think, or are implying, he is saying. The guy sees tons of crap sites everyday, surely he has an idea when something is generally 'Google friendly' without knowing if a site has been affected by a specific algorithm or not.


12/24/2013 03:07 pm

Agreed. More useless drivel by SER


12/24/2013 05:24 pm

but I doubt you dream of "DHGate Coupon Codes Dec 2013," Why ? Does it mean, that Googlers want also to control dreams ?


12/24/2013 05:36 pm

"I doubt you dream of "DHGate Coupon Codes Dec 2013," right? :-)" - Right, such organic listings are reserved and automatically given to mega brands (who also happen to be huge AdWord$ $penders), like RetailMeNot. Ironic that this guy brings up coupon code sites -- the most abused and bloated space on the internet by black hatters. Go ahead - search for Hostgator coupons, GoDaddy coupons or anything else. I guarantee you, all of page 1 are worthless black hat pages with codes that expired in 2012.

Phil Singleton

12/24/2013 10:47 pm

Speaking of cool Webmaster Tools options: how about an (non-default) option like WordPress comments or pingbacks, where all new incoming links are in a 'moderation' mode and you have to physically accept them in Webmaster Tools in order to have Google count them. Wouldn't it be better to cherrypick your best incoming links, rather than worrying about having to disavow new links that you don't want? Barry?


12/25/2013 07:05 am

One word : Funny

Gracious Store

12/26/2013 12:24 am

How can it be a discussion if Google knows if a site is impacted by their algorithm? Is the algorithm not written by a Googler or Googlers? Is someone not keeping track of the effectiveness of the algorithm, so if someone is continuously evaluating the algorithm, someone should be able to know what sites are affected by each algorithm and to what degree the impact is felt.

Spook SEO

01/26/2014 04:31 am

I really appreciate John's advice. It's true that that we have to make something high quality and unique to gain a better exposure in the search engine.

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