Feds Kick Out Mortgage Scammers On Google AdWords

Nov 18, 2011 • 9:09 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google News & Finances

Google Mortgage ScamsMercury News reports the US Federal Government has shut down "dozens" of online mortgage scammers from using Google AdWords as a way to attract new victims.

This comes month after Google settled with the US to pay $500 million for illegal ads.

According to the US government, Google has since disabled 500 advertisers from using AdWords after the government closed down dozens of advertisers.

"Google should never have published these ads, but its executives turned a blind eye to these fraudsters for far too long because of the substantial revenue such advertising generates," said Consumer Watchdog's John Simpson, a frequent critic of the company.

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File Criminal Charges

11/18/2011 02:35 pm

Google is a scummy company. Imagine those poor souls being scammed so Google  could make some more money. Google knew for months but acted only after they were forced to


11/19/2011 09:34 pm

Is good. Feds, kick their asses. Bring them with feet on the ground. They think they rull the world. But they are just some greedy scams. Google down! Adwords i mean :)

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