Google: 3rd Party Ad Tracking Not Accurate & Can Hurt AdSense Income

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There are often complaints that the Google AdSense reports do not match up with third-party tracking software. In reality, there are complaints that they don't even match up with Google's own tracking software, Google Analytics.

In a Google AdSense Help thread Google AdSense Engineer, Guillaume, responded to complaints on third party tracking and serving software reports different numbers than that is reported in the Google AdSense console.

Guillaume said, "Third-party click counter are often not accurate, and could even negatively impact your earnings due to latency increase and interference with AdSense."

You got that, he said, not only are third-party counters "not accurate" but even more so, they can reduce your AdSense earnings. He goes on to explain why.

For instance, it is difficult for third-party click counters to exclude clicks where the user interrupts the loading of the advertiser page.

Please read [1] and [2] for additional information; it is about a different third-party click counter, but seems to apply to OpenX as well.

Please note that third-party click counters can only but over-estimate click counts, since they don't know about invalid clicks [3]. So if you think that something is not right, I'd recommend stopping paying attention to the misleading information provided by third-party click counters.

So you'd have to assume that using Google's own tracking and ad serving technology would match pretty closely. So using Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager, now known as "DoubleClick for Publishers" would match virtually exactly, but they never do.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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aluminium kozijnen

12/10/2010 06:35 am

Its correct.. Google AdSense report do not match with third party software.. Thanks for sharing this detail.. Buy Advair | Buy Effexor

Casey nunez

12/13/2010 05:43 am

I lost my adsense followed by partnership after being click bombed by haters Youtube clearly only cares about the bigger partners as for the smaller partners we simply do not count this much is obvious

Kenwarner Ecu

03/22/2011 08:44 am

ok so i recently noticed that something is wrong with my profits from google adsense.. i've heard people talk about "penny a pop", but i've had nearly 1.2 million hits (according to my site's statistics) in the past six months and havn't made 100$ yet with my google advertisements. i read that there could be conflict between third party software, openx and google adsense reports, but how much discrepancy could there be? on a day that my site reaches 10,000+ hits, google reports say that i've only made around 1,000 impressions (or even fewer) there really seems to be very little consistancy, but a single imression is achieved through a single page view?

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