Forgotten & Underused SEO Tactics

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sphinn seoA Sphinn thread has a nice discussion around the "most underrated SEO tactics" used by webmasters and SEOs.

I thought I'd share some of the tips and tactics given in the thread and have you add your own.

  • Blog comments that are properly moderated.
  • Clean and easy to manage site code.
  • Analytics to catch "low hanging" keyword phrases.
  • Server set up, such as proper redirects and status codes.
  • Unique and relevant images
  • Internal linking
  • Optimized Google Place pages
  • and much more...

Check out the full thread at Sphinn and share your tactics and tips.

Forum discussion at Sphinn.

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Nick Stamoulis

03/10/2011 03:31 pm

I definitely think it's important for website owners to actively monitor blog comments. You don't want to turn off comments completely, otherwise what's the point? But letting every comment go through (and hundreds of them will be spam) devalues your blog.

Adam Marsh

03/10/2011 04:30 pm

"Clean and easy to manage site code." - the amount of messy unmanigible code out there is growing (and causing me headaches) everyday!

Adam Marsh

03/10/2011 04:31 pm

see, i can't even spell 'unmanageable' right!


03/12/2011 07:56 am

thanks your great seo technics

Jared Stevens

03/14/2011 12:20 am

Bing is an often overlooked source of traffic. One of my good friends gets most of his adsense revenue from bing traffic. Good advice. The question with images is does Bing look at Alt Tags, the file name, or how do they actually determine what the image is and how it is relevant?

SEO Chester

03/15/2011 10:30 am

I believe that internal linking is one of the most forgotten tactics these days, so many SEO's just link, link, link which yes is a big part of ranking but if you have a site with say only 100 pages then there is an internal linking strength that could create over a thousand "backlinks" that have more strength than most and this also helps with the sites overall theming, a great way to see the facts behind this and analyse a sites performance is to look in Google WMT 'Internal links' section - Pages on your site with links from other internal pages.

Forte Web Solutions Ltd

03/17/2011 01:52 pm

I couldn't agree more it is quite off putting if a site contains allot of SPAM comments as is posting a comment and it not being approved for quite a while. On the subject of internal links WordPress along with plugins such as Related Posts do a very good job of this for you especially if you are careful to tag and categorise your content well

ibrahim mansour

04/20/2011 05:47 am

I'm always happy to read comments, corrections and suggested additions to this site, but I regret that I usually don't have time to acknowledge such emails. Please don't send me a favorite quote that you made up yourself -- I don't use those. I don't have time to do custom quote searches. Try the Search links above to see if the quote might be on this site or elsewhere on the Net.


04/20/2011 12:42 pm

thanks for sharing your seo technics, Alexa

Leo Brown

04/21/2011 07:17 am

Really nice tips and tactics for SEO....Thanks ...


05/16/2011 04:39 pm

 Great post, sphinn does work well, a few others for the list; a-1webmarks, dzone, folkd.

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