Should SEOs Take Notice Of Facebook's Graph Search

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Facebook Graph SearchThe big dominating technology news yesterday was Facebook's announcement of their search play named Graph Search.

I have early access to the preview but there is literrally hundreds of write ups on how it works and why it works as it does.

Danny has his up close with... and Matt already posted SEO tips for Facebook Search.

In summary, watch this video:

Should SEOs take notice? Of course they should. But we are only at the early stages of what Facebook Graph Search can search. Right now it is limited to people, photos, places and interests. It does not have events or posts enabled in search or many of the other gated Facebook content.

So the most important aspect for SEOs to take notice on is the places. Making sure local businesses come up. How? Clearly location and likes are important.

I should note, Bing also gets a play here when it falls outside of people, photos, places or interests, Bing is the search engine. More at the Bing blog.

To try Facebook Graph Search yourself, sign up for the beta over here. It may takes days, weeks or months to be approved.

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Jim Christian

01/16/2013 03:34 pm

I don't know about you but I actually know my friends. I don't need Facebook to tell me what they like to do. Here's an idea... maybe I'll call them up and see if they want to do something. Or OMGWTFBBQ maybe I'll drive over and actually SEE them! What a novel concept "Hanging Out". What will they think of next.

Michael Martinez

01/16/2013 05:21 pm

The only people who need to be concerned with it are people who have hundreds of thousands of "friends".

Ken De Pauw

01/16/2013 05:22 pm

If there was a Like button on your comment Jim Christian, I would press it!

Carlos Fernandes

01/16/2013 05:27 pm

When I go to you r BETA Link Barry - I just get a white screen.

Carlos Fernandes

01/16/2013 05:28 pm

hmmmm it seems as though when logged in as a Business it doesn't flip you back to tell you.... just gives you the White Screen. To see the Beta Signup I had to go in another window to FB and switch back to personal page from business.

Barry Schwartz

01/16/2013 05:29 pm

Facebook is having a hard time.


01/16/2013 05:57 pm

So they've rolled out "advanced search", surely this is basic functionality they should have had from day one?! As Jim says, a bit redundant for anyone who actually knows their friends properly.

Jim Christian

01/16/2013 07:40 pm

Thanks! just seems pretty logical that I would know my friends right?


01/17/2013 06:07 am

This is only for those who have no knowledge of their own friends.


01/17/2013 09:03 am

A really concise explanation of FB search - just what I needed. Thanks Barry.

Gabriel Sita

01/17/2013 12:07 pm

Im going to give it a try and see whats what.


01/17/2013 01:47 pm

I don't know about you all, but the friends I have made over my life, and still keep in contact with, are rather scattered throughout the world/country. It isn't always so easy to keep up with people you knew in college and still communicate with periodically. I know that I don't have time to check every single friend for every single activity, so if I am plan on going fishing in Wyoming, it would be nice to find out that someone else I know has done so and can be asked for details/tips/recommendations. It seems like something that should have been there already, and also something that probably won't be used very often, but could prove to be valuable on those few instances when it is/


01/17/2013 08:39 pm

I think there's much to do with Apps in Apple store/Play store/Wndows app stores..

Jim Christian

01/18/2013 08:04 pm

Go fishing based off some guy I barely talk to anymore just because I knew him in high school... or choose my own path and have my own unique experiences... Still seems like a waste of time. I'd rather invite a friend I actually talk to and go make some new experiences. Originality.


02/05/2013 10:12 am

Before i ride your article i don't know about Facebook Graph Search. Thanks Barry

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