Yahoo Site Explorer Returns As Bing Link Explorer

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Bing LogoThe day has come, the return of the discontinued Yahoo Site Explorer in the form of Bing Link Explorer.

Bing has announced some incredible new tools for Bing Webmaster Tools now really setting it apart from Google. The new Bing Webmaster Tools is completely revamped but the most exciting feature for me is the new Link Explorer.

Link Explorer lets you look up links for any site on the web, like Yahoo Site Explorer did but with more filters. Here is a look at the filter options:

Bing Link Explorer

The options include filter by site, anchor text, query, scope and source. This is pretty good news. I have yet to really test it because I am writing this while in a lounge about to fly back to New York after SMX but this step by Bing is huge.

Other changes and features include:

  • New User Experience
  • New: SEO Reports
  • New: SEO Analyzer
  • New: Fetch as Bingbot
  • New: Canonical Alerts
  • Updated: URL Removal Tool
  • Updated: Keyword Research Tool
  • Updated: URL Normalization
Bing has a nice blog post explaining all the changes and Vanessa Fox has a great write up at Search Engine Land.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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06/07/2012 10:53 pm

Awesome! I've sorely missed Yahoo! Site Explorer.


06/07/2012 11:17 pm

Sweet, does this mean Bings' market share will increase? NO! Will this entice me to login for the second time since I created a Bing Webmaster Tools account? Maybe. Bring me more traffic Bing! But I'll take the tools as payment for your failures, for now.

Resume Companion

06/08/2012 02:15 am

I miss Yahoo Site Explorer! Since now yahoo and bing are using the same engine, the Bing webmaster tool should be really helpful.

Ryan McLaughlin

06/08/2012 03:03 am

Awesome! Bing, now you should make your results better. That might help.

Jaspal Kalsi

06/08/2012 04:11 am

Thats a very good development. Yahoo site explorer was a widely used tool (not to say that OSE, AHREFS, MAJESTICSEO, etc did not perform well but Yahoo's tool was a classic.)


06/08/2012 05:30 am

Yes, this is fantastic news! Tools like SEO Quake haven't been the same since YSE disappeared, I'm really pumped to dig into the new Bing tools


06/08/2012 09:52 am

Time to sign up to Bing!


06/09/2012 09:15 am

I see only 25 results - is it OK?

Sebastian Miśniakiewicz

06/10/2012 08:56 am

Can anyone tell me if you see more than 25 results in links' section?

Spook SEO

01/03/2014 12:29 am

How effective is this tool exactly for checking anchor text compared with other backlink tools like ahrefs or OSE for example? when I exported some data I didn't get as much links as I get with other tools

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