Bing (Yahoo) Search Update - March 2012?

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Bing Search UpdateThere is some chatter and discussion in the Bing and Yahoo WebmasterWorld forums that an update is happening or started happening a few days ago.

Senior members are taking notice and one said:

Looks to me in the areas I traverse Bing has had a recent update. It practically looks like if you are not a known brand you might have taken a licking. In some areas I look at they're overrun with keyword domains which seem to be the exception to the branding. The merging of so many variations of keywords also is slowing the long tail and giving particular advantage to the “big boys”. Also too many weak e-zine type sites saying nothing. Prior to this I thought Bing was improving via a healthy mix.

At first I thought maybe it was just a hiccup but then I saw additional comments from webmasters and then a thread on a change at Yahoo, which uses Bing's index. That post said:

As of roughly midnight yesterday my statistics from yahoo! tell me something has changed with my yahoo rankings, or just in general.

The issue with this Yahoo post is that this same webmaster is claiming their traffic is up in Bing, which doesn't make too much sense to me. Typically, the results you find in Bing are the same as the ones you find in Yahoo.

In any event, I looked at my own traffic on some sites and there does seem to be slight changes in traffic in Yahoo and Bing and those traffic changes seem to correlate between the two in the same date range.

Here is an example for the past few days on one of my sites with Bing and Yahoo traffic overlaid:

Bing Yahoo Update Traffic

Did you notice an update?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Shane Eubanks

03/26/2012 01:43 pm

Definitely saw major drops over the weekend in yahoo/bing with sites that had keywords in the domain. 


03/27/2012 06:28 am

What i noticed it's was done last week of March or so and October last year(small drop in traffic). After March update, complete drop means zero traffic from Yahoo and Bing on the same day. My site get a penalty from bing and yahoo where it was ranking on 1 page more most of the keywords and giving around 200-300 visits per day. Now nothing.

Eric Scism

03/27/2012 04:01 pm

I haven't noticed much a decrease yet. Maybe it's too early, although I don't get much traffic from Yahoo nor Bing.


03/28/2012 06:41 am

No i find that there is a jump in the traffic from bing and yahoo. Specially now bing is giving me some traffic so its nice to get that traffic.  If bing can rank my keyword on 1st page and if i get some traffic for the competitive keyword then i can get sales.  Tats good news as i have been relying on google which is now just confusing. 

Video Conferencing

03/28/2012 12:20 pm

I was highly ranked on Yahoo and Bing, but now i get slammed by both on few of my keywords where i was ranked on 1st page, so defintely there is a bit update!


03/28/2012 03:04 pm

We dropped heavily in a couple of sites on indexing, though Bing WT shows an increase.

Deirdre B Pride

04/19/2012 09:44 pm

I had all these links with yahoo, but now with the change I guess I lose them and now I have to start from scratch??? Is this correct?   I have a rank in Google, but nothing in Bing or Yahoo now.

Alexander Hemedinger

11/21/2012 06:53 pm

I noticed a change as well. Time to start doing some more on site work. :)


11/27/2012 12:49 pm

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