Bing's Duane Forrester On Keyword In Domain Name

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New Bing LogoDuane Forrester, Bing's version of Matt Cutts (on some level), posted this long blog post on the importance of keywords in domain names on rankings.

In short, he said it is a myth that keyword rich domain names have a direct positive impact on rankings. He isn't saying it has a negative impact but he is saying that Bing and other search engines have other means and signals of determining ranking and relevancy outside of the keywords used in a domain name.

So he said don't think that if you own that you will rank well for [blue widget] - you need other factors to convince Bing that you deserve to rank for that keyword phrase.

A WebmasterWorld thread has a couple SEOs mocking this saying it is not true, at least with Bing.

One said:

My own very limited modest personal experience* is that they are much more devoted to exact matches than the #1 search engine is. If you search for "furry brown widgets" you will be pointed to furrybrownwidgets dot com, even if they have no idea what the site is about.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/21/2014 02:23 pm

Wake me when he talks about the relatively large a most certainly frequent jumps in rankings. The chart I have looks like a mountain range.

Mike Weaver

01/21/2014 05:51 pm

"Wake me when he talks about the relatively large a most certainly frequent jumps in rankings." Could you please write this in English so we know what you're talking about? Thanks.

Morgan Akchehirlian

01/21/2014 08:18 pm

EMD update from Google, just changes thinks at time but I have a strong belief domains with relevant keywords in domain name do better. Internal links in menu mainly pass linkjuice but if you have too much content don't make them dofollow.


01/22/2014 01:12 pm

why nofollow internal links? the other pages don't get more link juice you know? The nofollow link juice just disappears to nothing so it would be better letting it flow!

ashutosh rajput

01/22/2014 01:24 pm

Duane Forrester is right because there is lots of other guidelines to rank on first page......keyword in domain is not enough


01/22/2014 01:36 pm

Could you be more specific about what isn't understandable? I mean, I have the typo where I use 'a' instead of 'and', but I assumed the context made it understandable and I can't edit when posting as a guest. Oh, I suppose I missed an opportunity to use commas to break up the sentence. "Wake me when he talks about the relatively large, and most certainly frequent, jumps in rankings. The chart I have looks like a mountain range." Better now?

Gracious Store

01/22/2014 11:35 pm

It does make sense that a site does not have rank for a keyword in its domain name as long as there are other ranking factors in determining who ranks for what keyword

Jerry Nordstrom

02/16/2014 01:58 am

The operative word here is "Direct". Intentional or slight of hand? Fact is by owning a valuable Exact Match name you have a higher probability of growing INDIRECT ranking indicators that YaBing and Google look at, ah directly. I don't want to link drop, but one of my companies has a commonly used keyword phrase, we have garnered over 3,650 G+ followers from direct type in traffic last year. (yes there are far bigger fish than us, I know, its just an example) Interestingly, our exact match domains rank far better on Bing Yahoo than they do on Google! Come now Duane, Cutt to the chase.

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