Bing Webmaster Tools Show Social Search Referral Data

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New Bing LogoBing announced earlier this month that they have integrated Bing Connected Pages with Bing Webmaster Tools.

By doing this, you do not only have the ability to tie your social profiles to your Bing search profiles. But you also can see which social sites send you traffic. You can see which of your social profiles get how much search exposure in Bing. Bing will show you impression and click data to those profiles from Bing's search results.

Here is a sample report:

click for full size

The social profiles included are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Windows Store, Google Play, Apple Store, Pinterest, Windows Phone Store, YouTube, Instagram, and MySpace.

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Spook SEO

11/29/2013 07:28 pm

Wow. Bing is really working on its technicalities to keep up to the fast pace shown by its other competitors. If it can easily tally where traffic is coming from, then, you will not have to hire people for it. Imagine the budget that you will scrape for that.

Cat Web design

11/30/2013 05:43 am

Its really excellent system Bing has provided. I think it will be helpful for SEO work.


12/02/2013 04:15 am

If Bing shows referral data from social media network that will be good. It will help webmasters to focus their action and resources on the social networks that refer traffic to their sites, rather than dissipate their energy on every social network

Ashutosh Rajput

12/02/2013 05:48 am

it's really good happy to see this change

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