Google Drops Support For Single Double Quote Search Shortcut

Jul 5, 2010 • 8:29 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

In the past, if you searched in Google for an exact phrase you only had to start the phrase off with a double quote to achieve that result.

For example a search for ["query goes here] would be the same as ["query goes here"]. That is no longer the case.

Try it yourself by searching for ["It was a big turning point] vs. ["It was a big turning point"]. The results are different. Three days ago, they would have been the same.

Inout spotted this and also posted a thread on it at Google Blogoscoped Forums where one searcher said, "That's a pain. I used to use that a lot. Even though it was one character it felt like it was saving me a lot of time (I guess because it was two key presses)."

Forum discussion at Google Blogoscoped Forums.

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07/05/2010 01:42 pm

This is somewhat annoying... I was using this feature a lot. It allowed me to switch between exact and broad search with a single character change (i.e. quickly) I fail to see why this is good, and I'm eager to hear Google's take on this.

Bill Kruse

07/06/2010 03:52 pm

Google seem to be overly concerned with being the next Facebook or Twitter, they're ignoring core search.


07/06/2010 06:23 pm

yeah i also noticed that a few days ago i and thought i was losing my mind, so i'm glad to see that others have picked up on too. i don't think the new way is any better or worse, and i'm sure the googleplexers have their reasons for changing it, but it is a big shift in my search-style after 10(!) years of doing it the other way...

No Name

07/07/2010 06:49 am

From India, it shows various results...


07/07/2010 02:38 pm

Sad. I have searched this way all my internet days. Change is good, but not so sure about this one. After all, how are you supposed to narrow your search without getting all the BS you Don't want?


07/14/2010 12:40 pm

I miss the trick. It's depressing. Does anyone have a guess on why they did it - except an evil conspiracy?

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