Only 13% Say Google PageRank is "Very Important"

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A week ago, we asked our audience to vote on how important Google PageRank is in the overall SEO picture. After a week of time, I wanted to share the 300 plus responses.

What I am happy to say is that only 13% said that Google PageRank is very important. I believe two years ago, 40% would have said it is very important. In fact, 18% said PageRank is not important at all. Let me give you the pull break down.

How Important is Google PageRank in 2010?

google pagerank poll 2010

Do you agree with this break down?

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03/19/2010 01:33 pm

Isn't that a bit of an open question though? If you want to get your blog to rank for your name - you'd say that it isn't very important. If on the other hand you wanted to get a site to rank in a highly competitive sector, the answer is surely going to be very important. I wonder if you were to ask it again in the future but segment the poll based on competitiveness of the industry that a person was working in if you'd see significantly different results.


03/19/2010 02:42 pm

Page rank may not be important, but being somewhere on page 1 is.

Mukul Verma

03/19/2010 02:55 pm

It is a small part of a much bigger equation. If you are doing all the right things, PR should be fine, however I would not focus a lot on it, focus on links, reverent content and many traffic sources. Cheers, Mukul

Michael Martinez

03/19/2010 05:34 pm

The more competitive the industry, the less likely PageRank will make that big a difference. It's the anchor text, not the PageRank, that people rely on in highly competitive queries.

Rob Woods

03/19/2010 10:00 pm

Hi all, Remember that the question was about Google PageRank, not overall the overall link equity. PageRank is inaccurate, out-dated, and can be easily manipulated by Google. In fact, there are rumors that they will do away with the Toolbar PR altogether. The number, authority, age, and anchor text of the links coming to a page is very important but PageRank, apart from a very very rough estimate of the number of links coming to a page, is virtually meaningless at this point.

Maciej (ma-chi)

03/20/2010 01:07 pm

I actually think PageRank is useless. It is one of the biggest reasons why we have so much spam in the search engines. Website got caught up with the idea of increasing that number was the holy grail and the end all be all. Building your business should be the first focus not increasing a little number in your browser.

Jane Cooke

03/20/2010 04:52 pm

PageRank is one of many factors used by Google. It is something to not obsess over compared to another factor. With personalization more factors have come into play and the importance of PR has slowly over time dwindled. But it is by no means zero.


08/23/2010 06:31 am

I think Page Rank is not importnat, and It should be closed by Google now. No need for Page Rank

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