Google Ranks "Piss Christ" #1 For Chris Image Search

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Google does not stop with the insults, they insulted Michelle Obama, then Jesus and now also the name "Christ."

A Google Web Search Help thread has one person complaining that a search in Google Images for [Christ] leads to an image done named Piss Christ, the image is both number one and two on Google Images for that search. The story behind this image, as the poster says it "is the so-called artwork of a man who peed in a bottle, put a crucifix in, and called it the "pisschrist"."

Here is a picture:

Christ Search on Google

Now, I am not Christian, but I even find this insulting and totally inappropriate. It is not nudity or illegal, but should this be there? I guess Google won't remove it, since they didn't remove the above insults, but does Google need to rethink their policy on this type of stuff - especially since this is coming up more and more often?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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02/22/2010 01:51 pm

While I agree that it's insulting and inappropriate, I don't believe they should simply remove it. Google have tried to not handle the results, one of the few policies that I tend to agree with (even though we know they do). Google really just needs to build a better algo. Easier said than done however. But with this an ever increasing problem, trying to do it by hand would be futile.


02/22/2010 06:36 pm

Typo in the title. Google image algo definitely has some flaws. However, I'd say this is an interesting and timely result, which could have pushed it to the top. The fact that the top 2 images are showing this image (from different sites) is lame. But this image seems a more appropriate top result for the query than the smoking jesus for the jesus query.

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